7 Tips To Look Refreshed Even If You’re Sleep Deprived

You need to know how to get radiant skin when you haven’t slept! This is common

Photo: Unsplash/@matfelipe

Photo: Unsplash/@matfelipe

You need to know how to get radiant skin when you haven’t slept! This is common. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. Most of us do not sleep enough. We wake up early and we’re up late checking email, making sure things are ready for the next day, dealing with sleepless kids or simply turning to-do lists over in our heads.

The National Sleep Foundation states that most adults require between 7-9 hours of sleep. You can try yoga for insomniacs to get the shuteye you need but, in the meantime, here are some of the best skin care products that are the key for how to get radiant skin after you’ve tossed and turned all night.

Wash and Exfoliate.

Washing and exfoliating your face first thing in the morning is one of the best tips for how to get radiant skin. Your cheeks will look rosy or at least, less washed out.

One of the best skin care products for this is Juice Beauty Exfoliating Cleanser. It’s a soap-free cleanser with exfoliating beads, which also has antioxidants and leaves your skin feeling smooth, but not stripped of oils.


Apply toner to your skin.

There is controversy among beauty experts as to whether the toning step is necessary. For those who choose to use toner, applying one such as inexpensive witch-hazel or something fancier like Votre Vu A Votre Santé Elixir Essentiel feels good. This mist has essential oils that refresh and moisturize the skin and the scent is invigorating. You can also use it to refresh your face throughout the day.


De-puff your eyes.

There’s a reason this trick for how to get radiant skin around your eyes has stood the test of time. Lay down with cucumber slices on your eyelids, like our abuelitas did. Raw potato slices work just as well, and maybe even better. Just make sure you wash them thoroughly before applying.

If you don’t have the time for that more natural treatment, an eye cream gel such as 100% Pure Cucumber Eye Cream Gel will do the trick too. It’s an organic product that not only de-puffs but also hydrates the delicate eye area. It comes in a 1 oz. container (most eye creams are available in a 0.5 oz size) and it absorbs fast and smells fresh.


Hydrate your skin.

Depending on your budget, you can use a moisturizer such as Eucerin Extra Protective Moisture Lotion with SPF 30, which many moms resort to when they have to really watch their budget, and is a great product for the price.

If you are in a position to splurge, then you can try Tata Harper´s Rebuilding Moisturizer. All Tata Harper products are organic and have more than one active principle that will hydrate and nourish your skin using essential oils.


Apply under-eye concealer.

Concealer is a must-have in the toiletry bag of a sleepless mujer. Using Bye Bye Under Eye by It Cosmetics is an awesome option. It’s available in three shades; it’s waterproof, provides slightly dewy-full coverage, and doesn’t cake in fine wrinkles. You need to use very little — less than half the size of a grain of rice. Apply it with a concealer brush and then blend with your fingers if necessary. You can also use it to hide blemishes and even scars. You may try other light, medium or full coverage concealers, depending on the intensity of your dark circles.


Use a highlighter.

Arbonne´s Sheer Glow Highlighter will give you an instant glow that immediately makes you look more awake. It may be applied on its own or over a tinted moisturizer or foundation.


Apply makeup.

The basic formula for a how-to get radiant skin: foundation or tinted moisturizer + a good mascara + lipstick + blush or bronzer.

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