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This Is Why Lin-Manuel Miranda Thinks it’s So Important for Latinos to Be Politically Active

Here’s something that nobody should be shocked to hear: According to a new analysis by The Washington Post, President Trump is alienating Latinos left and right. Although it may have started with the then-candidate’s rallying cry that Mexicans are basically drug dealers, criminals, and rapists at his first speech announcing his presidential run back in 2015, things have become a lot more tumultuous since then.

Just yesterday, Trump’s administration ended Temporary Protected Status for immigrants from El Salvador. Previously, he did the same to Haitians and Nicaraguans, with Hondurans expected to be cut from the TPS program later this year. Attacks on immigrants, both legal and undocumented, are one of Trump’s campaign promises and he is certainly holding to them. He’s even ended DACA, which provided protections for undocumented children of immigrants who came to the U.S. without a choice.

That’s not even to mention his pardon of Joe Arpaio, who racially profiled Hispanics as the former Arizona sheriff, the border wall between Mexico he insists on building, and his threats to abandon Puerto Rico’s recovery after Hurricane Maria. Basically, if you’re Latinx, it’s no reach to say that you probably feel pretty hated by Trump and his supporters.

But if there’s one silver lining, it’s that Latinos have the power to do something about Trump and those with likeminded views. We can vote against him and his hateful policies. The humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico has triggered many to come to the mainland, especially to Florida, where the U.S. citizens can easily register to vote and have a significant impact in the swing state. And since Latinos already represent the largest minority in the U.S., we need to mobilize to ensure our voices are heard. A point Lin-Manuel Miranda is making VERY clear. 

In The Washington Post’s story, the publication underscores all of the many ways that Trump has come out against Latinos and the damage he may be doing to the GOP over the long term. Stars like Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda are hoping that this will in fact be a call to arms for the almost 60 million Hispanics in the U.S. to get out and vote for candidates that can and will support them in upcoming elections.

As Lin-Manuel says, “and we’re going to vote like crazy.”

In the past, Lin-Manuel has been politically active and continues to be a voice for his community. He created a song for Puerto Rico hurricane relief, he is open about his anti-Trump tweets and he continues to be outspoken for Puerto Ricans and Latinx peoples. And his message is getting out there, if these Twitter reactions are any indication: