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  We love Selena, and all things having to do with the icon

Photo: Unsplash/travelingselena

Photo: Unsplash/travelingselena

We love Selena, and all things having to do with the icon. So imagine our glee when we happened to stumble upon the Traveling Selena Instagram account. Seriously, it’s majorly cute. It’s a Selena doll, photographed traveling the world, in all sorts of cities and destinations, wearing classic Selena Quintanilla outfits. What, you thought Barbie was the only international jet-setting doll?! “¿Tú qué creías?”

Selena in Portland

Traveling Selena has traveled to the Pacific Northwest, taking this woodsy photo in Portland. You can see the city skyline behind the star, dressed in her signature crystal-embedded bustier and high-waisted pants.

“Como La Flor”

Of course, Traveling Selena had to visit the International Rose Tent Garden. Here she is amongst her favorite flowers: white roses.

Modeling for Coca-Cola

Selena was a spokesperson for Coca-Cola, and so is Traveling Selena! This photo was taken outside the Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas.

Viva Selena in Las Vegas

Traveling Selena is here to give us all the Selena Vegas residency we all wanted. She’s also checking out the classic dancing fountains of the Bellagio.

Full House, Selena Style

Move over, Full House cast. Traveling Selena is giving us another iconic moment in front of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco.

Selena in San Francisco

Traveling Selena made sure to visit all the touristy wonders of The City by the Bay, including the equally iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Selena in San Diego

Traveling Selena also made it down to SoCal, taking a pic in front of this San Diego mural. She was dressed in a matching red bustier and pants combo.

Visiting Her Hollywood Star

Of course, Traveling Selena had to go and visit her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A star seeing her star!

A Trip to Wine Country

Traveling Selena made sure to visit some of the top tourist places while in California. This included the famous Napa Valley, known for its wonderful wineries, and world-class wine.

Selena Visits the Redwoods

One of the world’s wonders visited another. Traveling Selena checked out the tallest trees on the planet when she stopped by Redwood National Park in Northern California.

The Worldwide Star at Disney World

Selena loved to have fun; Traveling Selena made it a point to go to Disney World, wear purple Mickey ears (of course), and visit the Animal Kingdom.

Seeing Double at Madame Tussaud’s

Twinning! Traveling Selena made sure to visit a larger version of herself at Madame Tussaud’s in Hollywood.

The World Traveler

Where to next? This is what Traveling Selena is pondering while looking out onto the horizon.

The Tejana in the Tuk Tuk

You thought Traveling Selena was just about domestic travels?! Nope! She made it all the way to Thailand, sitting pretty in a tuk tuk while zipping around Phuket.

Hello Hollywood!

Of course, Traveling Selena had to spend some time where all the stars do — Hollywood. She is giving us major “Donde Quiera Que Estes” vibes in this stylish leather ensemble.

Revisiting “No Me Queda Mas”

Traveling Selena is all for some nostalgia. She traveled to San Antonio’s Sunset Station to relive her “No Me Queda Mas” music video moment (complete with the dress from the shoot!)

Wheels Up

Forget Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. The question is where in the world is Traveling Selena.

Dressed Like a Queen for Halloween

Selena is a queen every day, but Traveling Selena made it a point to also be royal on Halloween. And how cute is that Selena pumpkin?!

Slaying the Beach Look in Aruba

Traveling Selena revisited her iconic bikini-with-oversized-mesh-tee look while vacationing in Aruba. It was pure beauty and the beach!

Seeing the Siempre Dreaming of You Sculpture

Traveling Selena is known to visit places which are dedicated to her, like the Siempre Dreaming of You Tower Sculpture. The heartfelt artwork is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Lounging at The Ritz

But Traveling Selena also needs her downtime. You can sometimes catch her taking a break from all the jet-setting, lounging beachside.

Visiting the Sites in SF

While in San Francisco, Traveling Selena made sure to hit up all the touristy spots. This included the Palace of Fine Arts, in the Marina District.

This Girl Visited Gators

Traveling Selena is also up for seeing unique destinations, like this one. She traveled to Lake Jessup in Florida to say hello to over 10,000 gators.

Seeing Her Hard Rock Cafe Star in San Antonio

While in San Antonio, Traveling Selena made a pit up at the Hard Rock Cafe. There, she posed with her star, although she shined brighter.

Chasing Waterfalls (in a Good Way!)

OK, so TLC told us to not chase waterfalls, but they didn’t mean actual ones. Besides, who could resist this beauty in Oregon?! Traveling Selena looks like she’s applauding its awesomeness.

Full Moon Festival in Thailand

The name Selena comes from the Greek Selene, who was the goddess of the moon. So of course, Traveling Selena had to be part of Loy Krathong, the full moon festival in Thailand.

Meeting Her Mural in San Antonio

While in San Antonio, Traveling Selena took a pic in front of this lifelike mural of her likeness. There are Selena murals popping up everywhere!

…and this One in L.A.

Another fab Selena mural is this one in L.A. Traveling Selena made sure to get a photo of the artwork for her Instagram fans.

As Well As This Mural…

We told you there are Selena murals everywhere! Traveling Selena had to do a double take of this one, also in Los Angeles because it looks so much like her.

Selena in Seattle

While in Seattle, Traveling Selena visited the world-famous Pike Place Market. We wonder where she will be off to next?

Seriously, Who Doesn’t Love a Selena Mural?

Hey, the girl can’t help it if she has murals in several cities. Traveling Selena also stopped by this adorable rendition of her in L.A.

Greetings from San Diego!

Traveling Selena loves to find those pretty murals which recreate those throwback “Greetings from” postcards. Here she is in front of one in San Diego.

And Orlando!

Selena is all over the place! Here she is visiting the sunny state of Florida.

Bidi Bidi Bon Voyage

Traveling Selena’s first international trip was to the island of Aruba. Here, she recreated her “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” music video look.

Some Much Needed R&R

All that traveling can be tiring! Traveling Selena unwinds at the best hotels, in the best destinations.


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