I Tried Rosehip Oil For a Week To Cure My Rosacea—This Is How My Skin Looks Now!

Putting your best face forward is harder than it sounds when one of your biggest insecurities lies in your skin

I Tried Rosehip Oil For a Week To Cure My Rosacea Hiplatina

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Putting your best face forward is harder than it sounds when one of your biggest insecurities lies in your skin. When I was in the third grade a classmate called me out in front of my classroom and asked me about the redness on the side of my cheeks. I was mortified and ran home after school and asked my mom to “fix it.” 

My mom took me to my pediatrician who prescribed me a thick oily ointment. It turned out I had rosacea. Apparently anyone can develop it—regardless of your skin tone. My mother would apply it every morning before I went to school. The ointment was so thick I felt like I was walking around with a mask on my face. In fact, it would take almost all day for the ointment to dissolve into my skin. The ointment also stained my clothes and would rub off on my friends when we played around. I decided to stop using it and prayed my rosacea would magically disappear overnight. Spoiler alert: it didn’t.

As I grew older and learned about makeup I managed to hide it under layers of foundation. As I experimented with skin care, I found temporary aids that would help sooth and bring down the redness of my skin. While researching for solutions I would always come across Rosehip oil. I have had friends, co-workers and strangers at Sephora who highly recommend it. I was ready for a permanent solution so I decided to finally try Rosehip oil for a week and find out if this was going to be the ultimate cure to my rosacea. 

Before we go through this skin journey, I need to introduce you to my skin.

My skin is normal to dry with rosacea. I recently had some sun damage after carelessly tanning without any sunscreen. Don’t worry, I have learned my lesson. Most of the redness on my skin is seen on the side of my cheeks and the texture can feel bumpy.

Years of waxing, plucking and shaving around my eyebrows has left my skin red, dry and the bumpy texture very noticeable.

It was finally time to start the experiment so I had to find a bottle of Rosehip oil to use for 7 days and see if my rosacea would finally meet its arch nemesis.

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I went to my nearest beauty store and found this bottle. Rosehip Anti Aging Body Oil by Advanced Clinicals ($14, Amazon).

Every morning I would apply a generous amount of oil on my skin after cleansing it. 

I would start on the side of my cheeks were the redness was the most prominent and rubbed the leftover oil to the center of my face.  I obsessively checked my skin to see if there was a difference but sadly there wasn’t any. It wasn’t until day 3 that I noticed a slight difference in my skin.

There was still a decent amount of redness but the texture of my skin had softened. I was able to apply foundation without the extra layers I would usually have to apply on the side of my cheeks.

By day 5 I noticed the biggest difference.

The irritated red skin around my brows had virtually disappeared. I didn’t feel the bumps on my skin. It was finally time for the big reveal. Would Rosehip oil change my life forever?

My skin had less sun damage and the texture of my skin was so much softer. The rosacea was reduced a good 25% than when I started.

Overall review:

Applying the Rosehip oil everyday was not a struggle. I pretty much replaced it with my daily moisturizer. The challenge was figuring out when to apply it. If I put my foundation right after applying the oil on my face it would break down my foundation and I would have to apply more than usual. On days that I didn’t wear foundation it made my skin look super oily since it took awhile for my skin to take it in. On certain days I would prefer to apply it at night which would make my skin softer and brighter overnight. It didn’t help completely reduce my rosacea but it did help the texture and sun damage. I am still in the search for the best product for my rosacea but I am glad I tried it. Since the oil takes time to sink into the skin, I wear it to sleep now as a way to prep my skin for the next day.

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