Thousands Joined Lin-Manuel Miranda at the Unity March for Puerto Rico

This past Sunday, despite the lack of media attention and very little promotion, Lin-Manuel Miranda once again stepped up for his beloved Puerto Rico. After releasing a song he wrote filled with lots of Latino talent and even signing up to bring Hamilton to PR in 2019, the star joined thousands demonstrating in Washington, D.C., during the Unity March for Puerto Rico and demanded more aid for the island after it was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. He also called for Puerto Rico’s debt to be forgiven.

Although the Unity March for Puerto Rico happened just two days ago, the love has been pouring in on Twitter. The March, which asks for “legislative reforms in support of: permanently exempting Puerto Rico from the Jones Act; the cancellation of Puerto Rico’s debt; and rebuilding Puerto Rico,” according to the official website. The March creators have also established Project Puerto Rico with the goal of creating a council that “will serve and lead in efforts of legislative reform and serve as the liaisons between the people of Puerto Rico and the administration and its leadership to ensure viable but just legislative changes that will serve the people of Puerto Rico.”

The successful march, however, has not received a lot of media attention nor attention from President Trump. While The Washington Post reports that hundreds amassed in front of the Lincoln Memorial in the nation’s capital, many more marched on the U.S. Capitol, down Independence Avenue and towards the Lincoln Memorial. Marchers such as Lin-Manuel Miranda, who walked with the Hispanic Federation, observed thousands in attendance.

Since the March, many on Twitter are sharing their photos and reactions—including notables such as California Senator Kamala Harris and others.

Thank you for standing by our fellow citizens, Senator Harris.

Continue to ask for support, DO NOT STOP!

This kid is ADORABLE and the message is even better.

Look at all of the people who showed up!

Thousands of flags, woo hoo!


What an honor.

Thank you for standing with us.

Thank you, Lin-Manuel!

Haha, best. poster. ever!

Now, Washington, we’re looking at you. It’s time the people of Puerto Rico are made a priority and treated with the human dignity every individual deserves.




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