10 Latina-Owned Wellness Brands That Will Elevate Your Self-Care Routine

It's no surprise that the pandemic and quarantine has taken a toll on our overall mental and physical health

The Salvaged Sawhorse Affirmation Card Deck

Photo: Instagram/@thesalvagedsawhorse

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to start taking care of your well-being and that starts with prioritizing your health. You can easily shop for services and products right from your couch, including skincare oils from Chillhouse, fitness programs from Massy Arias, or affirmation cards from The Salvaged Sawhorse. Each of these unique brands are Latinx-owned and all dedicated to helping you find self-love, inner peace, and good overall health. Order from these 10 Latina-owned wellness brands and you’ll be sure to start feeling your best self in no time.


The Salvaged Sawhorse

Photo: Instagram/@thesalvagedsawhorse

Jennifer Velasquez is a Latina migraine warrior who creates affirmation cards and other tools for self-care. She is the self-proclaimed “migraine warrior” because she had migraines for days and decided to take control over that by creating The Salvaged Sawhorse. Her company aims to help people practice self-love with affirmation decks, notepads, and planners. Not only does she cater to adults but she also sells affirmation cards for children. The goal is to promote healthy self-esteem and confidence and they’re available in both English and Spanish.


Happy V

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Happy V is a wellness company focused on accessible and natural solutions for women’s vaginal health while also serving as an educational platform for women’s health. CEO, Daniella Levy created Happy V so that women could have a platform for women to share their stories and that intention is also behind their viral TikToks. Their products are formulated from real clinically studied ingredients and they offer pre and probiotics, menopause relief, and cranberry pills for UTIs. There’s also a quiz you can take to find out which products work best for you.


Anima Mundi Apothecary


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Adriana Ayales is a Costa Rican herbalist bringing ancient remedies into the modern world. She sells herbs for all needs: immunity, brain health, mood elevators, stress, sleep, and detoxing. One of her newer products, Schisandra Rose Elixir, is a tonic for the liver and kidneys as well as a hormone balancer. She also has a blog where she writes about wellness and related topics including how to detox the belly, how to DIY a lymph drainage massage, and traditional plants for womb care.


Massy Arias Elevate


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Massy Arias is a certified personal trainer from the Dominican Republic. She is all about living a healthy and active lifestyle and she is dedicated to helping people do just that mentally, physically, and spiritually. Her MA Elevate Program helps you lose body fat and build muscle all while focusing on mental health. The program offers workout routines, nutrition guides, affirmations, and journaling exercises. It’s great for beginners or experienced fitness junkies.


Photo: Instagram/@chillhouse

Cyndi Ramirez created a self-care beauty brand called Chillhouse that offers tons of self-care products such as oils, facial massage tools, and gua shas.  Their oils help protect your skin from UV rays and fight inflammation while keeping your skin looking dewy. Her website also offers a guide to help you determine which skincare routine is right for you.


The Bloomi

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Rebecca Alvarez and Julie Leclercq founded The Bloomi, a clean sexual wellness and self-care brand that dedicated to providing products that are safe and satisfying. They sell sex toys, condoms, and body massage oil as well as items for menstruation and pregnancy. They also have a blog that covers a variety of sexual topics that may be considered taboo including sexual fetishes, orgasm issues, and lubricants, providing a safe place and useful resources. Every week their team of sexologists, nurses, and holistic health experts share how-to-guides and videos on these topics.


The Pinole Project


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The Pinole Project is a high protein, high fiber Aztec superfood that you need in your life. Yahaira Jacquez was inspired by her grandmother, Adela, to create this brand. Her grandmother was from Tarahumara of Northern Mexico and used Pinole in many of her recipes. The best way to try this product is to start with the Original 3 Pack: original flavor, banana cinnamon, and peanut butter cacao. Each pack contains oatmeal, chia seeds, and olotillo corn but all of them have 10 grams of fiber, which is perfect for maintaining a healthy gut.


Upful Blends

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Upful Blends was created by Chantel Robertson and offers tea blends and supplements for the mind, body, and spirit. What makes Upful Blends products different from the rest? Well, their herbs come from the western Cape of Africa, the Amazon Rainforest, and South America. One of their most popular multi-vitamins is the Sea Elements. it holds all 102 minerals that the body is comprised of from all natural sea veggies. This product strengthens bones, boosts immunity, and provides you with long lasting energy.


The Diosahood

Photo: Instagram/@thediosahood

Christine Gutierrez is a Latina therapist, author of I Am Diosa and founder of The Diosahood, which offers many resources on mental health and finding self-love. Her services include one-on-one coaching, private retreats, and corporate coaching to boost productivity within your professional team. She believes “sisterhood is soul medicine” and that’s the foundation of The Diosahood which functions within five areas: Spirituality, Self-Esteem, Sisterhood, Sensuality, and Service.


Earth’s Shell

Let’s face it, with us spending more time than ever on our computers we’ve started experiencing more back pain so elevating our self-care routine means including something to help alleviate that. Latina Cosmetologist Estefani German created Earth’s Shell wooden massager made with 100% natural, ethically sourced and vegan materials. The rolling massager allows you to perform a lymphatic draining massage on your body offering an invigorating and therapeutic experience that helps drain toxins underneath the skin, improve blood circulation, ease sore muscles, reduce cellulite and fluid retention.

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