Your Tarotscope For The Week of August 26-Sept 1, 2018 Revealed

Theme of the Week: The Fool

Our week begins with a full moon on the 26th. While full moons usually signify endings, The Fool signifies new beginnings and taking a leap of faith! Pay attention to the areas in your life where you may need a fresh start and don’t be afraid to open yourself up to the possibilities. Cherish your memories, but don’t let the past be an anchor. This is the perfect time to get clear about the things you want and create a path to make it happen! I like to set my intentions on each new and full moon by journaling chapters I’d like to close and the ones I would like to manifest into my life. This is a great way to identify your path if you might be a little confused. If you’re sending mixed signals to the universe, you’re going to get mixed signals back. Try to create a clear idea of the direction you want your life to take. My father used to say, “Where do you go from here? As far as your imagination can take you.” Let your vision be your guide.

Happy Full Moon everyone!




Your card: The Magician

Fight the power! Well you won’t have to this week because it will be firmly in your hands, Leo! A slight wave of your magic wand and it can be yours. You have everything you need to change a situation and turn the tides to your will. But with great power comes great responsibility my cubs. Don’t forget the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!”




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