20 Plus-Size Outfits That Will Make You Want To Show Off Skin This Summer

Before I learned that I could be fat and stylish, summer was a rough time

Photo: Unsplash/@mi_desertlife

Photo: Unsplash/@mi_desertlife

Before I learned that I could be fat and stylish, summer was a rough time.  Trying to stay cool in 90 degree weather while still hiding my arms, belly and thighs made it close to impossible. When I discovered other plus-size women who were comfortable in showing some skin, it made me feel like I could too. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration.

If you have a hard time feeling comfortable showing off some skin this summer, take note from these 20 beautiful, plus-size ladies showing us how hard you can slay this summer.

Start showing of some skin with a cold-shoulder sleeve.

Try wearing a form-fitting mini dress that shows a little extra leg


Layer a jacket over your crop top

Work your way up to showing a little more and pair a mini skirt and crop top


If this top doesn’t say summer to you, nothing else will.

Add a duster to balance the amount of skin you want to show off

Matching sets + skin = summer 2018.


Don’t feel ready to show it all? Try a one-shoulder look.

Slay in a sexy dress that shows some legs, shoulder and cleavage.

Anyone else want to just wear a bra out?


Nothing says summer more than a deep-plunging neckline

Thick thighs were meant to be seen

Curves are not included with this dress purchase


Anyone else love wearing cute tops with no pants at home?


Work out in your sports bra—it’s summer!

Push yourself to show more skin and wear the shorter crop top


Keep cool with a small crop top and booty shorts


Being able to show some inner thigh skin in the summer should be everybody’s goal.

Wear a bralette as a top!


This is how fresh and cool I want to look all summer

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