9 Fall Fashion Trends To Get a Head Start On

Fall is right around the corner, and like any self-respecting fashionista, you’ll want to know in advance what you’ll be seeing everywhere

Photo: Unsplash/@melodyjacob1

Photo: Unsplash/@melodyjacob1

Fall is right around the corner, and like any self-respecting fashionista, you’ll want to know in advance what you’ll be seeing everywhere. The following are nine major trends for Fall and Winter 2018.

Colored Denim

In addition to other denim trends like two-tone jeans and button-front jeans, colored denim is a major trend for fall. You can go subtle in a soft pastel, or add a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit (fuschia and red are among the big colors of the season!).


Western/Cowboy Boots

Among the shoe trends for fall/winter are western-style boots. Everything from tame ankle boots, to outrageous taller styles, were seen on the runways.


’80s Glam


’80s glam was so prevalent on the fall/winter runways, you would think it was an episode of Dynasty. Think big shoulders, sparkly mini dresses, crystal accessories, sequins, and over-the-top diva vibes.


Animal Print

Part of that ’80s trend is animal print, but it has extended to denim, shoes, and basically anything you can throw an animal print on. Everything from leopard to zebra to snakeskin was seen on the runways (sometimes even mixed together!), so don’t be afraid to take a walk on the wild side.


Necklace/Passport Bags and Belt Bags


The fanny pack is still en vogue, ladies. Just as easy to carry, and also still on-trend is the neck/passport bag.



Plaid is a great. It’s so classic (investment pieces!) yet is one of the biggest trends for this upcoming season. You will see it everywhere, including on the super popular oversize menswear-inspired jacket. This is another trend that is done a bunch of different ways—prim and proper, mixed crazily, head-to-toe matchy-matchy, retro (think Cher from Clueless), etc.


Statement Jewelry

Bold earrings. Statement necklaces. Chunky bangles. They’re all in for fall and winter.


Geometric Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fun (and often inexpensive) way to show your hip to what’s in. One of the on-trend styles to get are geometric frames. Think hexagonal, square, and any other random shapes you learned about in geometry class.



Fashion always likes to take a moment to look futuristic. What better way than with sci-fi-looking fabrics that look like they came from another planet or dimension? At the same time, these fabrics also take you back to the ’80s, which of course, is a big trend for the season.

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