10 Afro-Latina Owned Lifestyle Brands to Treat Yourself To

Latinas represent 40 percent of all Latinx-owned businesses and the number of Latina-led employer firms has grown 20 percent within the last five-year period of data available, according to Latinas in Business Inc


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Latinas represent 40 percent of all Latinx-owned businesses and the number of Latina-led employer firms has grown 20 percent within the last five-year period of data available, according to Latinas in Business Inc. Additionally,  Black female-led businesses represent nearly 2.7 million new businesses in the U.S., according to J.P. Morgan data. The number of businesses owned by Black women grew 50 percent from 2014 to 2019, representing the highest growth rate of any female demographic. Information specifically on Afro-Latina owned businesses isn’t yet available but we wanted to take a moment to shine a light on some of our favorite Afro-Latina jefas and their brands in honor of Black Business Month. Whether it’s fashion by Angelica Balante or hair care by Julissa Prado, these entrepreneurs are serving their community through their brands. Read on to learn more about 10 Afro-Latina owned lifestyle brands to cover all your beauty and self-care needs.


Turbantes & Balantes

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Owned by a Colombian designer, Angelica Balanta, Turbantes & Balantas sells chic and modern turbans. With several styles and fun colors and patterns to choose from including headpieces with knots and bows, you are sure to find the perfect head accessory for you or your bestie. Balanta’s main inspiration came from her mother, who was always wearing turbans, and the desire to keep Colombian Afro-cultural designs alive through fashion and art.


Rizos Curls


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Created by powerhouse Afro-Mexican entrepreneur Julissa Prado, Rizos Curls is an all-nature curly hair care brand that made history as the first Latina-owned curly hair care brand to be sold at Ulta. The line includes shampoo, condition, and their latest, hairspray, made with ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil and developed with curly hair in mind. Check out the bundle for a great travel-size collection to try the original collection.


Bubbly Moon Naturals

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Bubbly Moon Naturals, created by Marshalla Ramos-Inde, is an eco-friendly body care and lifestyle brand. Each product is infused with organic, wild-crafted botanicals and created for all skin types. The Vegan Cream Deodorant is suited for those who want a natural alternative that not only neutralizes odor but contains clean plant-based ingredients.


The Cozy Cup

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The Cozy Cup was created with the intention for families and friends to experience afternoon tea parties in the comfort of their own homes.  Their at-home tea parties include patterned china, teacups with saucers, fresh flowers, linens, teapots, and setup and cleanup and they offer different packages depending on the size. If you want a taste of the teas available check out some of the standouts including Sueñozzz, Jengibre, and La Abuela Tea.


Reina Skincare

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Reina Skincare founder Adriana Isabel Robinson Rivera created a natural skincare line that represented her Afro-Latina roots. Her products include face wash, toners, body butters, body scrubs, serums, and oils. The Coffee Scrub is one of the best-sellers and will help you kick start your morning with it’s delicious coffee scent and moisturizing ingredients including shea butter.


Hello Updo

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Hello Updo is an affordable, super cute silk haircare brand that started in the Dominican Republic. All their pieces are made out of silk for and available in smallish or biggish sizes and there’s a quiz that can help you figure out which works best for you. Each scrunchie is made of 100% pure mulberry silk and their pillowcase is hypoallergenic to prevent pulling and keep your hair moisturized throughout the night. wp_*posts


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Created by  Maia Alejandro, FOR TMRW is a beauty brand that sells nail polish and features a botánica with a variety of tea blends. The For Nail Rituals Set is non-toxic (21-Free), cruelty free and chip resistant that’s a great set for night and day. If you want to relax and decompress after a long day, try the Moonlight Blend that can potentially help with anxiety and sleep.


Jam + Rico

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Jam + Rico makes some seriously impressive jewelry designs, and has collections inspired by places like Aruba, Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. There’s something for everyone so you can find bold pieces as well as  subtle pieces like their gold or sterling silver hoop earrings.


Vela Negra

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Vela Negra, founded by Aisha Cort, is a candle company that embodies Afro-Cuban and Guyanese heritage. If you can’t decide which candle to get, go for the Vela Lovers Set, it’s the ideal “starter” vibe for those find clarity and new beginnings.



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Created by Jolín Miranda, BORiCUBi is a versatile brand that includes earrings, stickers, cards, purses, brooches, and more. Each item is handmade and influenced by Afro-Latinx culture including a gorgeous Miss Santo Domingo design available on a mug and sticker. The leilani flower bomb earrings are also stunning and the butterfly wings are beautiful and unique.

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