AOC Defends Twitter Use After Claims She’s Too Politically Active


AOC Responds to Criticism

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is known for her use of social media, specifically Twitter,  to raise awareness of issues including healthcare and the immigration crisis. Now she’s defending her use of the social platform after a Democratic senior senator claimed she’s more active on Twitter than in her political duties.  Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia told The New York Times of AOC,  “I don’t know the young lady — I really don’t. I never met her. I’m understanding she’s not that active with her bills or in committee. She’s more active on Twitter than anything else.”

The congresswoman had submitted more amendments than 90 percent of other freshmen,  Lauren Hitt, a spokeswoman for  Ocasio-Cortez told the publication. But in true AOC fashion, she tweeted a response the next day: “I find it amusing when politicians try to diminish the seriousness of our policy work, movement organizing & grassroots fundraising to ‘she just tweets,’ as though ‘serious’ politics is only done by begging corporate CEOs for money through wax-sealed envelopes delivered by raven.”

His criticism came after he recalled her tweet in response to his comments against defunding the police in early November. He tweeted “Defund the police? Defund, my butt” and she responded by posting a photo of herself glaring at him as he applauded during President Trump’s second State of the Union address.

As a Democratic socialist her progressive views have been met with both criticism and praise from the Democratic party. Former President Barack Obama acknowledged her reach and criticized the Democratic National Convention for giving her such little air time.

“But, you know, the fact that an AOC only got, what? Three minutes or five minutes? When she speaks to a broad section of young people who are interested in what she has to say, even if they don’t agree with everything she says,” Obama continued. “You give her a platform, just like there may be some other young Democrats who come from more conservative areas who have a different point of view. But new blood is always good,” he said during an interview with Vanity Fair contributor Peter Hamby for his Snapchat show “Good Luck America.”

The Puerto Rican congresswoman became the youngest U.S. congresswoman in history at 29 in part due to her grassroots efforts both on foot and on social media. Now there are rumors she’ll run for president in 2024 and among those who endorse her is Cardi B, who also supported Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.  However, AOC has vaguely responded to the rumors telling Vanity Fair: “I think it’s part of our cultural understanding of politics, where—if you think someone is great, you automatically think they should be president,” she said. “I joke. I’m like, ‘Is Congress not good enough?’ ” adding, “I don’t want to be a savior, I want to be a mirror.”

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