7 Apps to Help Manage Your Anxiety and Mindfulness

It might seem counterproductive to rely on an app to help cope with your anxiety

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It might seem counterproductive to rely on an app to help cope with your anxiety. After all, statistics have proven time and time again, that technology and social media actually increase anxiety and depression. We get it.

But with that said, there are ways to use your smart phone to help manage your mental health. These aren’t exactly alternatives to therapy or medication, but they can make living with anxiety a hell of a lot easier. Here are seven amazing apps for anyone living with anxiety.



When you are in the middle of an anxious episode, and/or really need to talk to an expert, Talkspace is here for you. Through the app, you can talk with a certified therapist via audio, video, or text.



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Because sometimes writing things down helps. This app serves like your digital journal – you know in case you don’t want to carry around a big ol’ physical journal – and helps you to keep track of the thoughts that might be triggering your anxiety.



This genius app includes everything from a 110-minutemeditation session, to motivating phrases throughout the day. There is even an alert, to remind you to carve out at least 10 minutes a day for Zen time. Simple enough, no?


Anxiety Free

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This self-hypnosis app was developed by clinic-based hypnotherapy practitioner, Donald MacKinnon, to help you learn the technique. It includes relaxing recordings, containing subliminal messages that speak to your subconscious. Pretty mind-blowing – we know!


Stop Panic and Anxiety Self Help

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Struggling with panic attacks? This app was designed specifically for that. It features three audio sets to help calm a panic attack: panic assistance, emotional training, and relaxation. All three work together to help you coach yourself out of a panic attack, reduce stress, and get to a much calmer state.



Before we break down the deets, let’s start off by letting you know that Deepak Chopra himself helped pioneer this app, so you know it’s the real deal. It is designed to pair with Dream Weaver bluetooth glasses, which use sound and light pulses to create different beneficial states of consciousness. It’s definitely an investment in yourself–but you’re worth it!


Acupressure: Heal Yourself

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This app helps with everything from anxiety, stress, addiction – even physical pain– through acupressure. The ancient practice involves applying pressure to key points on your body to help ease symptoms.

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