Chantel Morel


10 Times Celebrities Had the Most Epic Clapbacks to Body-Shamers

Chantel Morel
Original reporting by Chantel Morel  Demi Lovato has kept a low profile ever since she left rehab late last year. She’s been on social media now and again, so she’s definitely not hiding and we love seeing her out and...

Brown Don’t Frown: 10 Celebs Over 40 Share Their Secrets to Flawless Skin

Chantel Morel
[tps_header][article_ad_lb][/tps_header] It’s a given that as we age, our appearance as well. Yet somehow celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, and Sofia Vergara have managed to turn back the hands of time. Now, there is no doubt that genes play...

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