The Most Epic Celebrity Responses to Body-Shamers

Selena Gomez is just the latest celeb to be trolled by a total jerk. When Steffano Gabbana recently called the singer “ugly” in an Instagram comment, her fans came to her defense but she remained totally quiet about the incident until recently, when Gomez proudly rocked a hairpin that said “UGLY” in diamond bedazzled glory. She was out and about at NYFW, after sitting front row at the Coach show when she made the statement without saying a word.

When you’re living in the spotlight it’s easy to become a target for body-shaming — especially  from trolls just waiting to unleash their own insecurities on you. Sadly, we live in a society, which for decades has been ruled by unrealistic body ideals, and for celebrities the pressure to look “perfect” is even higher. Too often when celebrities don’t fit this idea of the “perfect body,” haters are quick to point out their “flaws,” but many celebs have taken these hateful moments and have turned them into an opportunity to take a stance and promote body positivity instead. Here are eight stars who are NOT here for any type of body-shaming and negativity, and let it be known flawlessly.


Earlier this month, paparazzi images of Rihanna led to a trail of unnecessary comments pointing to the singer’s so-called weight gain. A writer at Barstool Sports was also somehow what appears to be personally offended at Rihanna’s so-called weight gain, and decided to take the time to write a letter fat-shaming the singer. Rih Rih then posted a hilarious meme on Instagram in response to all of the haters, and went back to living her fab life. Sorry trolls, but Rihanna has more important things to focus on than your silly little comments—like the release of her hit single “Wild Thoughts” and the upcoming launch of her Manolo Blahnik collaboration.




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