15 Body Positive Instagram Stars Proving Bikinis Are For Everyone

Hanging out on the beach or taking a dip in the pool are just some of the things we love the most about summer

Photo: Instagram/stephanieyeboah

Photo: Instagram/stephanieyeboah

Hanging out on the beach or taking a dip in the pool are just some of the things we love the most about summer. Naturally, during these months, you’ll want to head outside, catch those warm sun rays, and rock your cutest bikini. These are also months that produce a lot of stress and anxiety for lots of women.

We have been conditioned to think that we shouldn’t even think about wearing a two-piece if we aren’t a certain size or shape. Many people forgo even buying a swimsuit at all, or going to places that would require one, due to this damaging way of thinking. We all deserve to wear a cute bikini and to feel confident in what we are wearing and how we look — no matter what our size is!

We are in a moment of revolution for women. Mujeres are wearing what they want, oozing with confidence, and in the process inspiring women everywhere to do the same. If you want to wear a bikini this summer, go ahead and rock the heck out of it. It doesn’t matter whether or not anyone will see you in it in the near future, which seems like it might not happen under the current “Safer at Home” regulations. Either way, what matters most is how YOU feel about YOURSELF. If you need some more inspiration, check out these incredible body-positive, plus-sized Instagram stars!


Stephanie Yeboah


Stephanie Yeboah of Nerd About Town donned this lime green bikini with a fun, and on-trend, snakeskin print. More important than her eye for trends, however, is the inspiring message she posted with this photo. After seeing Lizzo in concert, the singer’s body confidence, as well as that of the other plus-size women in attendance, deeply inspired the fashion blogger: “I definitely needed to see Lizzo last night after the rubbish day I had in which I was doubting my self worth and feeling shit about how I looked based on another’s opinion, but seeing Lizzo in her leather bodysuit and seeing this photo of me in this bikini has given me a renewed sense of ‘bitch I’m wonderful’. It’s normal to have the bad days every once in a while but at the end of it all, you just need to remember that you are *that* bitch.” YAS, Stephanie.


Jessica Torres

The Ecuadorian-American fashionista and Latinx blogger Jessica Torres, who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, doesn’t hide her curves but instead celebrates them. Just look at this adorable two-piece bathing suit she rocked for National Swimsuit Day. It was stylish and summery, but the photo caption for it was even better: “It’s #nationalswimsuitday and just wanted to add a fat girl to the hashtag cause fat girls matter and there is never enough representation.” Preach, Jessica!


Gabriella Lascano


Ask any woman and she will tell you that confident women are the most beautiful. Owning your summer looks, and feeling fantastic in your skin shows. Curvy model Gabriella Lascano wasn’t playing around in this leopard bikini by Cupshe. It is accessorized with sunnies, a straw bag, and an Instagram message reply that says it all: “@nicolealvarezc nah but for real, you really just have to remember that when you die you don’t want to regret being scared of living because of others.”


Kellie Brown

Kellie Brown wasn’t just going to wear a bikini. No, she was going to accessorize it with a matching sheer crop top, sheer trench coat, silver ankle boots, sunnies, and a model pose. Because looking and feeling good, partaking in the latest trends, and being fashionable and feminine isn’t reserved for women of certain sizes. Fashion is universal.


Rochelle Johnson

Rochelle Johnson of Beauti Curve is a blogger and plus-size style expert. You can tell she knows her style with this striped bikini from Lane Bryant. Stripes are a big trend for spring and summer of 2019, and the fit and colors are great. The accessories just add some extra glam and style to the look, but the best accessory of all is Rochelle’s confident smile.


Sarah Taylor

This photo has several layers of fabulous body positivity. First, we have Sarah Taylor of Sarah Taylor Fitness wearing a great bikini. Sarah is a personal trainer, professional model, blogger, speaker, and was crowned Miss Plus in 2015. She is wearing a bathing suit by the wonderful, inclusive brand Swimsuits For All, that is part of a collaboration with Gabi Gregg, a.k.a. GabiFresh! Win, win, win!


Passion Jonesz


This summer, we are going to call on you to smile and feel happy in your swimwear, just like Passion Jonesz! Her Fashion Nova Curve swimwear is giving off total glam Versace vibes and really highlights her waist. As with other body positivity stars, there is a great balance of great fashion and inspiring messages. This photo’s caption made us smile:  “We are so quick to judge someone else’s journey without fully knowing the challenges that a person faces because the image doesn’t fit their narrative. We have to be open to listening and learning from each other no matter how “skewed” that image could be to you. I still face so many obstacles till this day, but it’s how we battle them and how we overcome them that makes our journey that more valid. Before you assume someone got it “easy” because of your perception, take the time to get proven wrong because a change of thought isn’t a bad thing, It’s an awakening ?”



With a whopping 328,000 followers on the ‘gram, @caterinamoda is definitely making her mark in the fashion world. The freelance model and fashion influencer has shared several curvy looks, but we loved this particular pic. In it, she is seen wearing a two-piece at a Her Inner Heart event, while holding a sign reading the following: “There was a time when the media challenged my self-perception. Now, I choose to love the skin that I’m in! One thing I love about my body is my shape.”


Iona Chira


Next on our list of body-positive Instagram stars who are showing that bikinis look great on so many different body types and shapes is Iona Chira. The curvy model and Fashion Nova Curve ambassador’s motto is “believe in your beauty,” and it’s obvious she believes in hers. Her tropical, summer-stylish Elomi Lingerie bikini is fab, and she also took the time to give some advice to her followers (and any haters out there): “Everyone deserves to have a good time at the beach. Please don’t judge people for the way they look or make assumptions. You never know what’s behind. I still see people making comments but I am at the point where I don’t care. Not everyone is like that, be kind ?? you have no idea how much harm you can do to someone with your words”


Oana Macanu


This photo of Oana Mocanu is not only a perfectly timed style moment but a photo of a woman who embraces her curves and is summer-ready, in an equally-summery yellow and green bikini. Oana was in Ibiza for this beachy shot, but you can rock a bikini and some matching confidence just like this at your local beach or pool.


Reyna Bourgoyne

Curve model Reyna Bourgoyne shined like the sun in this pic at the recent Curvy ALLSTARS weekend. Curvy ALLSTARS is a “traveling brand promoting body positivity with an active lifestyle at any fitness level.” The event brought together several body positive plus size bloggers and influencers for some fun in the California sun — and we are here for it.


Charli Michelé


Coachella isn’t just an event for skinny chicks in boho outfits. It’s also for curvy babes in neon psychedelic bikinis, living their best lives, like Charli Michelé. Charli, a plus size choreographer in California, looked like she was having the time of her life at the festival, in her iHeartRaves outfit.


Jackie Sweasey


Your bathing suit doesn’t have to be colorful, or feature a particular print to make a statement; you can still stun in classic black. Just like Latinx curve model Jackie Sweasey did with this stylish bikini. She mixed and matched a Target bikini top with a Fashion Nova Curve bottom (another great style tip; mix and match pieces to create the perfect swimsuit for you).


Erica Lauren

Model Erica Lauren garnered comparisons to Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex (she does look a lot like her!) and other positive comments in her fabulous summer-ready orange bikini. This fashionable two-piece is another swimsuit hit from Fashion Nova Curve, called the “Sweet Like Me” bikini. Two hashtags on the photo we want to high five: #celebratemysize and #normalizecellulite.

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