7 Brujas Share How to Protect Your Energy This Year

The New Year always gives us the opportunity to start fresh


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The New Year always gives us the opportunity to start fresh. It’s a time to leave the past behind us and make way for new opportunities. If you’re having trouble letting go of energies that have kept you stuck for a while, these eight brujas are here to help. The Mexican Witch encourages moonlight dancing to boost confidence and Esoteric Esa shows you how to do the perfect lemongrass and copal limpia to get rid of bad juju and bring peace to your life. It’s time to soak in the positivity and renew yourself with some Latinx magic. Here are seven tips from some of our favorite Latinx brujas to bring you buenas vibras all year long.


Dancing In The Moonlight – The Mexican Witch


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Dance like no one is watching. No, seriously! Dancing always brings good vibes and the moon is a strong tool to use when it comes to protecting your energy. Valeria Ruelas (aka The Mexican Witch) suggests taking a few seconds to dance under the moonlight and make a wish within three seconds of burning palo santo. Your energy will move through the universe like you won’t believe.


Color Magic – Ethereal.1


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Get to know the colors that can channel certain energies into your life. For protection, peace, balance, and purification Emilia Ortiz (aka ethereal.1) says to focus on the colors black and white. There are so many beautiful colors that we experience during the day so take a second to stop and pay attention to these signs. Being aware of the colors that surround you is a great step to protecting your energy. wp_*posts

Indigo Water – The Flower Child Bruja

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Indigo water is used as a spiritual cleansing agent. It’s usually used to remove negative or harmful energies in one’s life. Taylor Cordova (aka the Flower Child Bruja) suggests designating a space for your spiritual practice and always having your own recipe ready to go. When you’re feeling like you need to ward off some bad juju, indigo water will offset negative energy every time.


Saint Lucy Candle – Brujas Botanica

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Lighting a Saint Lucy candle in your home is a powerful way to protect your energy. Christy Lendechy (of brujas Botanica) shares that Saint Lucy can reveal what is unseen and protect you from the evil eye. You’ll be able to maintain focus and be alert for any negativity that may try to stop you in your path.


Lemongrass and Copal Limpia – Esoteric Esa

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Lemongrass is a powerful energy cleanser. It clears negative energy from the brow chakra or spiritual eyes. Copal incense is used to purify your space of any negativity. Esoteric Esa offers a lemongrass and copal limpia to clear away any bad vibras so that you can make positive changes in your life.


Herbal Tea – Brujitxs Del Barrio

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Brujitxs Del Barrio want to bring you good energy and help you break habits that are associated with bad energy. They are all about healing collectively and using the full moon’s strength to dismantle negativity. They created an herbal tea to help with the process: ginger, hawthorne berry, elderberry, star anise, clove, and cinnamon. Boil these roots and soak in the magic.


Prayer Beads – Blood Moon Bruja

Image: Instagram/@blood.moon.bruja

Cleanse, recharge, and protect your energy with prayer beads. When making prayer beads, Nicole Bloodmoon (aka Bloodmoon Bruja) suggests starting with your intention, in this case it’s protection. She uses palo santo beads, black Obsidian stones, and a black animal bone carved stone bead. Black is often associated with protection as well as success.

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