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Demi Lovato Opens Up About Recent Engagement & Mental Health Struggles

2020 has been tough for everyone including celebs as Demi Lovato recently shared with Good Morning America where she discussed the whirlwind year she’s had so far. From performing at this year’s Superbowl headlined by JLo and Shakira to her Grammy performance, her first in two years following her overdose, to her recent engagement. After her near-fatal overdose in 2018 she’s become a vocal advocate for mental health and has been vulnerable and honest about her own struggles.

“[I’m] just a little embarrassed that I’ve gone through some of the things or made some of the choices that I’ve made. And I think that’s natural for anybody that’s you know, made mistakes in their mental illnesses” she said. “But I also know that a part of getting rid of the stigma is spreading the awareness and talking about it.”  Adding she’s “had difficult times because that’s the reality of life.”

She also announced her partnership with Talkspace, an online platform that connects people with licensed therapists. In the midst of the pandemic access to mental health resources is vital and according to the platform more than 50 percent of Americans struggle with mental health.

“Therapy has saved my life in so many ways, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. There’s so much going on in the world right now, so we need to be taking care of ourselves and those around us,” Lovato wrote on Instagram.

Along with using her platform to promote mental well being she’s also raising awareness of social and racial injustices. On her 28th birthday she launched a campaign demanding for justice for Breonna Taylor with prewritten letters to the Louisville mayor and the chief of police along with petitions and donation links.

“We’ve entered a year where it’s been very clear that silence equals violence,” she told GMA. “What’s important to me is seeking justice and in our society for everyone who’s oppressed. I want to use my platform for something much bigger than just singing.”

But it wasn’t all heavy topics, she also shared that her personal life is going great following her July 22 engagement to actor Max Ehrich. “There’s never been a more perfect person to step foot into my life but such perfect timing too.”

The songstress is releasing her new single “OK Not to Be OK” with Marshmello Sept.10 following the success of her March release “I Love Me,” both tracks are off her upcoming seventh studio album that currently has no official release date. She reminded her fans that if they feel alone or like no one is there for them, they can put on her music and “I’ll be there.”