10 Diabetes Superfoods to Substitute for Healthier Meal and Snack Options

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Although, there is no cure for diabetes you can learn how to balance what you eat to help manage your blood glucose to keep it at a healthy level. Along with exercise and keeping up with your checkups, and any medicines you have been prescribed, diabetes can be managed, and many with this disease can live long and healthy lifestyles.

Below are a few diabetes superfoods from the American Diabetes Association that you can substitute out for some not so good food options to make your meals work for you instead of against you. Beware, there are no tortillas, or sweet bread, or any of the things we Latino’s just can’t live without but must limit if we want to make better choices at mealtime.

Juice vs Water

10 Diabetes Superfoods to Substitute for Healthier Meal and Snack Options HipLatina

Credit: Jessica Riojas

Instead of reaching for that fruit juice in the morning why not try a glass of water with your breakfast. Not just any water but water infused with some orange peels, or strawberries, even cucumbers, with a little mint for a twist. Very refreshing and you just feel the goodness of those fruits and veggies with every sip you take.

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