35 Empowering Quotes by Afro-Latinxs That Will Change Your Life

  Afro-Latinxs should always be celebrated, but even more so during Black History Month

Photo: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

Photo: Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

Afro-Latinxs should always be celebrated, but even more so during Black History Month. There is so much that the Afro-Latino community has given to the world, not just in the past, but in the present day. One of the things we can reflect on are empowering quotes from some of our fellow Afro-Latinxs— quotes providing inspiration, strength, a sense of community, and tips on living life. Here are 35 quotes by Afro-Latinxs that you’ll want to add to your inspiration wall, share with friends and family, and reread on the regular.


Roberto Clemente

Afro-Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente gave up his life helping others (the plane he was on crashed en route to provide earthquake aid to Nicaragua). This quote is another example of how Clemente lived his life in service to others.


Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana, of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, is all about empowering other women. This quote of hers reminds us all to stay on track towards our goals.


Joan Smalls


Joan Smalls is one of the top models in the game. The Puerto Rican stunner celebrated the mixed heritage, which gave her, her looks, with this quote.

wp_*postsRegan Gomez-Preston

Afro-Puerto Rican actress Regan Gomez-Preston said what needed to be said. That Afro-Latinxs deserve to be represented in Hollywood, and everywhere else.

wp_*postsSelenis Leyva


Another Afro-Latinx actress who spoke the truth on how Hollywood works is Cuban and Dominican actress Selenis Leyva. Why is it surprising to have several Latinas on one show? Because it’s not the norm. Selenis-believes that should change and we couldn’t agree more.

wp_*postsMariah Carey

Mariah loves to provide inspiration to others in her lyrics and quotes. The Afro-Venezuelan diva preaches self-love in this cool quote.


Laz Alonso

Photo: StoreMyPic.com

In this quote, actor Afro-Cubano Laz Alonso shares the importance of travel. It can provide insight into the positive aspects and successes of one’s history, that isn’t shared here in the U.S.


La La Anthony


Afro-Puerto Rican celebrity La La dropped a real fact of life in this radio interview. Not everyone is supposed to be in your life forever. If you’ve outgrown someone, and/or they’re holding you back, it’s okay to cut them out of your life.


Celia Cruz

Photo: AZ Quotes

Celia Cruz soared to the top of music and is both an icon, and a legend. So when the Cubana says something, we listen. She told us that when our chance shows up, take it.


Amara La Negra


La Dominicana Amara La Negra says what needs to be said, sin pelos en la lengua. This quote is pure fire—her hair shouldn’t bother you, because not only is it awesome, but she’s not asking you for nada.



Author, Love and Hip Hop: New York star, model, realtor, and entrepreneur JuJu is Cuban AND black. She’s Afro-Cubana and isn’t going to keep reminding everyone of it by speaking perfect Spanish.


Swizz Beatz

Mega producer/DJ/rapper/entrepreneur Swizz Beatz is of partly of Puerto Rican descent. This quote of his lays out some of the important components of success.


Mimi Valdes

Photo: hashtagimenough.com

You can be BOTH Latinx and Black—why can’t we embrace this more?! The Puerto Rican and Cuban Afro-Latina exposes the suppression and erasure of Afro-Latinxs in the Latinx discussion.


Dascha Polanco


Dascha Polanco is a one-woman movement for body positivity. The Dominican actress lets us know that one can have both curves, and talent.


Melissa de Sousa

When Afro-Latina Melissa de Sousa was thanked for repping for Afro-Latinas at large, she realized what her work meant to others. The Afro-Panamanian was inspired to let her acting continue to represent Latinas outside of the white mold that Hollywood has perpetuated.


Janel Martinez

Photo: Test Kitchen/Huffington Post/Pinterest

Journalist and social media strategist Janel Martinez is the founder of the Afro-Latinx site, Ain’t I Latina? The Afro-Honduran shares that her connection to, and definition of her Latina and Afro-Latina identity is crucial to both her life and career. She’s also a contributing writer for HipLatina.


Tabatha Brock

Photo: @esmicultura/Instagram/Pinterest

Aspiring actress Tabatha Brock just laughs when people can’t wrap their minds around her being Afro-Mexicana. She happy, knowing she’s getting the best of both worlds.


Shalida Dobbins

Afro-Latinx writer Shalida Dobbins knows what is true— that Afro-Latinxs have survived and thrived in times of persecution, and uncertainty. That strength and perseverance was definitely passed down, and continues to show itself.


Tatyana Ali


Tatyana Ali has been holding it down for Afro-Latinxs in Hollywood since the ’80s, when she was on Sesame Street.  She inspired us with her quote on not choosing between being identifying as both Caribbean (Panamanian and Indo-Trinidadian) and black.


Erica Nichole

Photo: @aintilatina/Instagram/Pinterest

Afro-Latina Erica Nichole gives some good advice in this quote seen on Ain’t I Latina? Learning about your culture and self-acceptance are two very paramount things in life.


Arturo Schomburg

Afroborinqueño historian Arturo Schomburg’s work was to unearth and share Afro-Latinx and African-American history and accomplishments. This powerful quote reminds us that what colonizers took away from both Afro-Latinx and African-Americans must be replenished, through finding and sharing their history and narratives.


Yvette Modestin

Photo: Blacktina Magazine/Es Mi Cultura

Afro-Latina educator, writer, and poet Yvette Modestin co-signs what a lot of us feel— that our ancestors are around us, constantly giving us strength. Add to that the love and support we get from the rest of our family, and we are unstoppable.


Christina Milian

Photo: @huffpost/Instagram/Pinterest

Afro-Cubana singer, songwriter, and actress Christina Milian isn’t playing the “choose a side” game Afro-Latinxs are often asked to play. She is what she is — a proud Afro-Latina— and that’s how she will remain.


Soledad O’Brien

Photo: Mixed Nation/Pinterest

Afro-Cuban broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien is credited with this fabulous quote. You should learn as much as you can about yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to either explain or defend what that is to anyone.


Zahira Kelly

Photo: @aintilatina/Instagram/Pinterest

A sense of community is what keeps people strong, inspired, motivated, and thriving. Zahira Kelly, of Bad Dominicana, had some encouraging, loving words for the next generation of Afro-Latinas.


Rosa Clemente


Afro-Puerto Rican organizer, political commentator, and independent journalist (and once vice-presidential candidate) Rosa Clemente takes on the role that many, if not all, Afro-Latinxs also do— that of an educator. Educating people about the difference between ethnicity and race, on the fact that you can be both Latinx and proudly African.


Tessa Thompson

Photo: mydomaine.com/Pinterest

Tessa Thompson is an Afro-Latina, strong in her sense of self. She reminds us in this quote of something that we need to create change — follow through. We can’t just complain about something, or say we want to see a change. We have to then go about creating that change.


Cardi B

Photo: Simplistic Sarcasm/Etsy/Pinterest

Cardi B doesn’t mince words, or shy away from what she wants to say (and that’s part of the reason why we love her). She reminds us to compete with ourselves, instead of feeling the need to compete with anyone else.


Victor Cruz

Photo: AZ Quotes

Afro-Puerto Rican football star Victor Cruz, known for repping Puerto Rico by salsa dancing in the end zone after a touchdown, also took the time to share some golden wisdom on love from his mom.


Sammy Davis Jr.

Photo: BrainyQuote

Afro-Cuban entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. is iconic. This quote on perseverance explains part of his legendary success— you can either commit to what you set out to do, or let your fear destroy that.


Rosario Dawson

Afro-Cuban, Puerto Rican Rosario Dawson is such a badass, that when she speaks knowledge, we listen. Rosario is right— life is meant to be lived.


Kid Cudi

Photo: AZ Quotes

Sometimes, we lose the wonderment of learning and growth. Afro-Mexicano music man and actor Kid Cudi reminds us that it’s still something worth being excited about, as well as is the pursuit of greatness.

Rosie Perez

Photo: SheKnows

Rosie Perez was going to follow her dreams, no matter what anyone else thought of her. This attitude is just what we need, and this quote is worth reading on a regular basis.

wp_*postsNaya Rivera

Photo: Quotespictures.com

Afro-Puerto Rican actress, singer, and model Naya Rivera gave us a dose of self love with this empowering quote. There is only one you, so love yourself  perceived flaws and all!


Gina Torres

Photo: AZ Quotes

In addition to speaking out on Hollywood’s discrimination against Afro-Latina actresses, Gina Torres also breaks down the meaning of feminism. The Afro-Cubana stays inspiring us with her words of wisdom.

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