7 Exercises For a Full Body At-Home Workout

If you’re looking to get in shape but dread the thought of having to set foot in a gym, we’ve got you covered. Fortunately you don’t always need a gym to get some exercise in daily. Getting a total body workout at home is just as effective and you can do it without equipment. All you need is your bod, a space that allows you to move around freely, and your favorite beats. Get healthy and fit with these go-to total body exercises for a stronger physique.

The Push-Up

The push-up works both your triceps, back, chest, and core. Whether or not you can do a conventional push-up from your feet, you can do it from your knees and it will be just as effective. Brace core, engage glutes and hamstrings, keep your back flat so your entire body is neutral and straight. Do three to four rounds of 10 repetitions.




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