See How Frida Kahlo Inspired This New York Fashion Week Show

We’re in the middle of New York Fashion Week, and Frida Kahlo is here too! Sort of

Photo: Unsplash/@flaunter

Photo: Unsplash/@flaunter

We’re in the middle of New York Fashion Week, and Frida Kahlo is here too! Sort of. Designers Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs wanted their spring/summer 2018 ready-to-wear collection to feel as if you were Frida herself, living and breathing all of Mother Earth’s wonder while looking completely stunning.

The Cushnie et Ochs show was honestly breathtaking. It felt so effortlessly and modern at the same time. One thing we hate about some of these Fashion Week shows is how some collections feel so done up. They’re either too stuffy, too boxed in, or simply not wearable.

But this collection by Cushnie et Ochs is the complete opposite of that. The dresses flow, and even more beautiful is the color palette. And as we said, Frida was here.

The designers said this show was inspired by the late Mexican artist and visionary.

“The upcoming [ready-to-wear] collection is based on Frida [Kahlo]—you know, a strong, powerful female figure who’s kind of always in our wheelhouse…” Ochs told InStyle Magazine. “[The woman they’ve designed for is] an empowered woman. She definitely is self-assured, unapologetic, definitely comfortable in her own skin, and in a way, wants to have it all.”

We’re all about that mentality, too.

The show’s aesthetic is clearly Frida. From the floral patterns, to the bright bold colors it’s not just Frida-inspired but has Mexico vibes too. Even the green plants as the backdrop, the show felt alive with Frida’s presence.

The designers also debuted their shoe line! They described it as “[having] a very clean aesthetic, very architectural, and very sleek and sexy.” That they are, check them out below!

Here’s a clip of the show. It will almost feel like you’re there.

What do you think Frida would think of this show? Let us know by commenting below!

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