Curly Hair Gift Guide Featuring Latinx-Owned Brands

You might not automatically think that gifts related to someone’s hair texture are a thing, but trust us…curly haircare can get really expensive, really fast, so it’s always awesome to be gifted new or even favorite products

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You might not automatically think that gifts related to someone’s hair texture are a thing, but trust us…curly haircare can get really expensive, really fast, so it’s always awesome to be gifted new or even favorite products. Plus, anyone who has naturally curly hair knows that it’s a freakin’ lifestyle. Those of us who rock our natural curls on the regular spend a lot of time and energy caring for our rizos, so it truly feels good when someone recognizes it. We like to wear our curly hair pride right on our sleeves so a gift honoring that is always a good idea. Gifts that help us care for or represent our hair AND support Latina-owned brands like Rizos Curls and Botánika Beauty are a win-win. So if there’s a curly girl—or guy—in your life, check out this curly hair gift guide. wp_*posts

Scalp Massage Brush – Rizos Curls

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Scalp massage brushes can be used not just to encourage hair growth, but also with shampoo, in order to cleanse without causing too much friction on the hair cuticle, thus minimizing frizz and buildup. This one from Rizos Curls has a perfectly sized little handle that’ll keep it from slipping around in the shower.

Scalp Massage Brush, $13, available at rizoscurls.comwp_*posts

Collapsible Diffuser – Rizos Curls

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A lot of curly girls air dry on wash day, but there are always times when we need our hair to dry as quickly as possible, and for those occasions, a diffuser is a must. We love this collapsible version, which is super easy to throw in a bag and take anywhere. It’s perfect for travel, which is really when many of us wish we had a faster drying option.

Collapsible Diffuser, $20, available at rizoscurls.comwp_*posts

Botánika Beauty Trio Bundle

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Curly girls love trying out new products that can help our curls look their best and stay healthy. It’s seriously an obsession for many of us, so a gift set of different products formulated especially for natural curls would certainly be a welcome gift. The Trio Bundle from Botánika Beauty includes a hydrating shampoo, a silkening conditioner, and a volumizer, which are a few of the company’s newest products.

The Trio Bundle, $25, available at botanikabeauty.comwp_*posts

“Curl Queen” Hair Pins

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These sparkly hairpins that spell out “curl queen,” are from Hause of Curls, which offers empowering apparel and accessories that fight against the idea of “pelo malo.” These pins are definitely on-trend and they’d be perfect for a New Year’s Eve outing or even brunch with friends.

“Curl Queen” hairpins, $25, available at hauseofcurls.comwp_*posts

“It’s the Curls for Me” Sweater

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Also from Hause of Curls, is this bright red sweater with the phrase, “It’s the curls for me,” scrawled across it in a 1970s-inspired typeface. We love the bold color and the all-around sassiness of this one, which is totally perfect for a laidback winter weekend, a work-from-home day, or even a casual Friday. It’s available in sizes from small to 2x.

“It’s the Curls for Me” sweater, $55, available at hauseofcurls.comwp_*posts

Honey Baby Naturals Wash Day Essentials

wash day set hiplatina


Another fun curly haircare product set is the Wash Day Set from Honey Baby Naturals, which is one of the OGs of naturally curly haircare brands. The set includes a gentle, moisturizing, and balancing shampoo, a softening conditioner, and a quick detangler, all, of course, free of harsh ingredients like parabens and phthalates, and featuring honey as an ingredient.

Wash Day Set, $30, available at honeybabynaturals.comwp_*posts

Pelo Malo, Where? Hair Bonnet – Hause of Curls

hair bonnet hiplatina


One of the top tips for keeping naturally curly hair frizz-free and intact overnight is to sleep on a satin pillowcase or wear a satin bonnet. And who says you can’t make a statement even in your sleep? This bonnet that reads, “pelo malo, where?” does just that. We also love that it’s a nice, generous size, so it should work well even for people with very long or thick curls.

“Pelo Malo, Where?” Hair Bonnet, $13, hauseofcurls.comwp_*posts

RëzoTowel  – Rëzo Hair

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Latina hairstylist Nubia Rëzo is one of the leading names in the curly hair world. A decade ago, she developed her own curly haircutting technique, which is now one of the standard methods for hairstylists that specialize in curly hair care so safe to say she knows how important a microfiber towel is. Unlike regular terry cloth towels, microfiber hair towels disturb the hair cuticle very minimally, which helps avoid frizz. Every curly girl needs one…or a few!

RëzoTowel, $22, available at rezohaircare.comwp_*posts

Silk-Lined Hoodie – Rëzo Haircare

silk lined hoodie hiplatina


Also from Rëzo Haircare, this hoodie is absolutely ingenious! Instead of the usual cotton or fleece that lines a cozy hoodie, this one is lined with silk, so wearing the hood up doesn’t disturb curls. Plus, the hood is oversized so there’s plenty of room for long, voluminous curls. The hoodie reads “wild like my curls” on the chest and has the Rëzo logo on the back, and it’s available in gray, black, and white.

Silk-Lined Hoodie, $80, available at rezohaircare.comwp_*posts

BN Curls Kits

curls kit hiplatina


Beleza Naturals is a curly haircare company that uses natural ingredients to create products that are free from what they call “texture-altering chemicals.” They feature a line of haircare sets that include everything you need for a perfect wash-and-go, all in one bundle. Each product is designed specifically for certain curl patterns, from wavy to kinky and everything in between, including shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and styling cream.

BN Curls Kit, $50,

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