Grieving Rituals Inspired by the Aztecs to Process Loss

Erika Buenaflor is a modern-day curandera who utilizes her vast experience in curanderismo, and knowledge of ancient Mesoamerican shamanism to reveal how this sacred wisdom can help people heal holistically. She’s published several books on curanderismo and is the founder of Realize Your Bliss. Sometimes we need to cry, wail, shake, and be primal in and

Grief Aztec rituals

Photo: Codex Magliabecchiano from the Loubat collection that demonstrates the Wailing Rites of the Mexica

For the white fire limpia you will need:
– a pot that is only used for your white fire limpias
– a couple handfuls of Epsom salt
– a splash of rubbing alcohol and any other offerings you would make to a fire pit

When the fire is burning, thank the fire for clearing the heaviness from your heart and carry your words as offerings to your loved one. Remember if you still need to wail or cry, please do so, and please ensure that you are being cleansed or are cleansing yourself with the smoke of the copal or smudge bundle. If you have an altar or wherever you may have a picture of your loved one, share a glass of water with them by taking a few sips and offering them the rest of the water to also cleanse and hydrate them.

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