The 26 Most Iconic Latino Celebrity Couples of All Time

Love is in the air and it’s a time when we are reminded not only about our loved ones, but also those we’ve seen who have been blessed to have found their soulmate. We’ve had some pretty iconic couples across the decades in Latino pop culture, so we wanted to take a look at a few of our favorite — even the ones that aren’t together anymore. After all, we know that even though a couple can break up, their love lives on as an inspiration to others.

There’s been ups, downs and everything in between, but lots of these couples managed to stick it out through thick and thin, staying true to the marital vows of “for better or worse” (even when they probably shouldn’t have). Hey, the heart wants what it wants and who are we to judge? Still, some of these relationships burned white-hot until both partners could find no other way out than to call it quits. But you know, del amor al odio hay un paso. They’re still ICONS of love and passion!

There is a reason telenovelas are so popular and the love stories are a huge part of that, so sit back and enjoy this list of some of the best and most enduring couples in our pop culture history.




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