Chris Pérez Finally Speaks Out About Selena’s Family Excluding Him

The tension between the Quintanilla family and Chris Pérez is nothing new and the latest social media interaction between both camps is only adding fuel to the fire

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The tension between the Quintanilla family and Chris Pérez is nothing new and the latest social media interaction between both camps is only adding fuel to the fire. Yesterday Pérez posted a photo of himself with the late Queen of Tejano music with the caption: “I heard they were trying to make me nonexistent to Selena’s legacy …..Go for it.” This led fans to respond with impassioned comments on the love they shared and tearing down the Quintanilla family for leaving him out. This isn’t the first time Pérez has opened up about being excluded from projects related to the beloved singer. Earlier this year he posted a photo of the actor portraying him in the Selena series on Netflix writing, “For the record, never met him, haven’t seen the script, and I have NO idea what is going on…..but, I’d love to find out.”

Fans are showing their support for Pérez and criticizing the Quintanilla family for what appears to be a pattern of leaving him out.  One fan responded on his latest Instagram post saying, “That family is something else. Time and beautiful karma will reach up to them” while over on Facebook he received more than 5k comments with the most liked comment saying: “If Selena was [still] alive, she would NEVER let this happen & that’s why she had sacrificed her love for you because her dad fought with her even on that. That man is never Happy if he doesn’t get his way. I’m so glad Selena proved him wrong.”

In response to the backlash Suzette Quintanilla took to Instagram to show fans his presence was still very much alive in the Selena Museum located in Corpus Christi. “Lies always spread like wildfires don’t they. I’m just really sad to know that I’m having to address this. For Chris to just throw out something like this due to him believing someone’s words that we removed him is insane. I’m just tired of all the assumptions out there cause frankly it’s unjust,” she wrote.

She went on to add that the updates to the museum include the addition of her makeup case, her makeup line with M.A.C. along with some new outfits from performances including the Grammys.  She also posted a video of a corridor in Q Productions office with photos on the wall of Selena y Los Dinos featuring Chris. She captioned it, “This is yet another area of Q Productions that clearly contradicts the lies that we’re told to Chris.”

But fans weren’t impressed with one writing, “Besides pictures on walls, has he actually been included in anything that ya’ll have been doing with the Selena name?” while another asked, “Where is the PÉREZ IN HER NAME????” Many fans criticized the fact that her full name wasn’t on her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Carlito Miranda, Pérez’s manager, told the Caller-Times what led him to post was that a fan had told him she hadn’t seen any photos of the couple in the museum. “You can’t erase a love story. This is a love story and I don’t think it has anything to do with who did what with who,” he said. “He (Pérez) just wants to make clear that their love story is a part of Selena’s legacy and cannot be erased.”

Abraham Quintanilla responded by telling the publication, “We have not taken any photos down of Chris in our museum. Why would we do that? He is a part of Selena’s legacy.”

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