‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Ninety-Four Recap: Luck and Lotería

On last week’s Jane the Virgin, Jane and Rafael finally got back together again — but what exactly will that look like now? We’re also following up on their decision to medicate Mateo for his ADHD, Krishna’s involvement with Milosh, and whatever it is that Xo is hiding

Photo: The CW / Jane the Virgin

Photo: The CW / Jane the Virgin

On last week’s Jane the Virgin, Jane and Rafael finally got back together again — but what exactly will that look like now? We’re also following up on their decision to medicate Mateo for his ADHD, Krishna’s involvement with Milosh, and whatever it is that Xo is hiding. Let’s just get to it:

Krishna Pulls A 180

Remember how it seemed a bit fishy that Krishna was helping Milosh — the man who essentially caused her to land in jail? Yeah, I wasn’t buying it either. Although she wound up going back to him to obtain the rest of the Marbella shares for herself (presumably to help him), Milosh was wrong about one thing. Krishna wasn’t playing Petra. She was playing him, and in a brilliant move, ends up snatching the Marbella back for Petra. Of course, it does seem odd that she would want to help Petra out that badly. Maybe there’s something more? Perhaps it’s JR being gone so long, but Krishna would make for an interesting new love interest. Hmm…

The Magic of Lotería Part 1

Years ago, young Xiomara and Alba (and Xo’s father) played a lotería game to decide on a major life decision for Xo. Since then, Xo has always harbored resentment toward her mother, whom she believes cheated. When Jorge suggests the family all come over for a bit lotería game, the Villanueva women cringe but eventually agree.

The initial game goes well enough, especially when one of the riddles (or sayings, depending on who you ask) reveals one of the most romantic gestures ever on Jane: Rafael asking Jane to marry him! It’s ridiculously cute, there are many tears, and of course, Jane gives him a resounding YES! (More on this later.) Shoutout to the writers for creating so many plotlines involving lotería!

The Magic of Lotería Part 1

Later on, Rogelio and Alba notice that Xo seems to be hiding something. She’s been ignoring calls from her doctor or taking them privately. When they confront her to find out if her cancer has returned, they are relieved to find out that Xo’s secret is something else entirely: she’s been talking to her nurse about going to nursing school! But here’s the thing: nursing school is a lot harder than Xo realized. She quickly freaks out and decides nursing just isn’t for her. But Ro and Alba both call her out for not trying even just a little to make her dreams come true.

It all comes down to a new game of lotería: one in which Xo get serious about nursing school if she loses. When Alba wins (again), Xo insists she’s cheating and this time, Ro’s animatronic dinosaur tail (yes, he wears one throughout the entire episode to work on his acting skills) spills the beans, accidentally revealing a card up Alba’s sleeve…literally! But this reveals something that goes beyond lotería. Alba confesses to cheating because she wants her daughter to work harder to make more of herself in life. Moreover, she confesses that this while time, it was Xo’s father who cheated in that game so many years ago…because he also didn’t want Xo to squander opportunities, and wanted her to get an education.

The scene is monumental for any first or second generation child of immigrants because we all live with the realization that our parents made sacrifices beyond our wildest dreams to get here. And because of this, many of us have felt the pressure to do more with our lives in order to make their sacrifices seem worth it. With that also comes our struggle with the other side of ourselves that simply wishes to be free to make our own choices sans guilt. Xo immediately gets it, too, and now it seems she may be giving nursing school a second shot. Even better, she finally forgives her mother.

#Jafael and Mateo

Poor Jane can’t get a break. While she’s thrilled to be back with Rafael and even happier to finally be engaged, things just aren’t turning out the way she wanted. For one, Mateo doesn’t seem excited about the engagement. They think it’s due to his meds, but he reveals the hard truth: he doesn’t believe they’ll ever actually get married. This ends up bringing all of Raf’s old insecurities to the surface. What if Jane changes her mind again?

So, of course, the couple try to move the wedding up. They try for a small court wedding, but even Raf’s neediness understands this won’t do. Then they try to book a restaurant for a reception, but when the choices are a few months’ wait or tomorrow, Raf pushes for tomorrow. Jane does what she can to prepare everything, but gets further guilt from Petra who swears up and down she wanted to be a maid of honor (she wasn’t being sincere though, but at least she later admits her wrongdoing and how she’s trying to grow as a person).

Jane’s in even worse shape when her hair gets caught in a sewing machine and she ends up with a neck brace and a black eye just before her wedding. It takes a few talks, but eventually, Rafael realizes this isn’t the way to do this, and Jane agrees. The two decide to postpone the wedding once more. Except how can they tell Mateo that? Don’t worry, the writers came up with the perfect solution, and our episode closes on Mateo marrying his parents to one another in a more impromptu ceremony. And with that, friends, #Jafael is definitely endgame.

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