J.Lo Finally Revealed The Truth About Her “Friendship” With Drake

Jennifer Lopez is not holding back

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Jennifer Lopez is not holding back. Regardless of how busy she is, the singer/actress, currently on another stride with tour dates and award ceremonies, always has time to deliver a good scoop — and boy did she ever. J.Lo had two back-to-back shows at the Los Angeles Forum over the weekend, and while we were busying in awe of her daughter Emme’s singing skills on stage, we missed another shocking moment.

First, here’s a little background to those who may have forgotten that J.Lo and Drake were a thing. Yes, Alex Rodriguez is her new man, and the soon-to-be-married couple has been going strong since they started dating back in 2017. Before that, however, J.Lo was feeling things out with Drake. Remember that jaw-dropping Instagram post with the two in a deep cuddle?


That picture, she was taken and posted back in 2016, left many wondering if these two were dating. It turns out they sort of were. We only had more insight in 2018 when Drake released the track “Diplomatic Immunity.” The Canadian rapper included the line: “2017 I lost a J. Lo/A Rotterdam trip had me on front page though/I had to lay low, Hot Topic like your everyday clothes.” Now we know why he lost her. Drake was not in it for the right reasons.

During her “It’s My Party” concert on June 7, there’s a portion of the show, during a little break (probably for costume changes) that Drake’s “Hotline Bling” began playing. According to OK! magazine, right after the line “You used to call me on your cell phone,” the 49-year-old threw some major shade by saying “Huh — booty call.” Okay now.

Was that all Drake wanted? Did he want to just hit that? Ugh! We still have so many questions, but we have to take J.Lo’s word on this. Drake wasn’t looking for anything serious, and J.Lo clearly was because soon after they “split,” she went out with A.Rod and the rest is history.

Back then, J.Lo appeared on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah and told the host, “Let me clear this up. I am not with Drake.” His camp went further by telling People magazine, “It was never very serious,” an anonymous source said. “They like one another and had fun together. They love hanging out and making music together. [Jennifer] has great respect for him and his talent, and he does for her as well.”

We are so glad J.Lo put an end to that whole Drake thing because she deserved better and eventually found better — hello A.Rod!

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