Latina Artists Fighting Injustice and Uplifting Latinx Culture

Frida Kahlo said “I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality” and that’s what the Latina artists on the list are doing. Art has long been a form of addressing social and political issues and with the current political climate it’s not surprising to find art responding to injustices. These mujeres are known for uplifting Latinas and the issues important to our comunidad and this year they’ll continue to make strides in the art world.

Favianna Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a triple threat: an artist, activist and advocate whose documentary “Migration is Beautiful” was featured on Pharrell Williams’ I Am Other Youtube channel. The U.S.-born Peruvian’s art serves as a tool for love, education, agitation, and social justice.”

She’s also the co-curator of Into Action, a nine-day art festival starting in January and will undoubtedly have exciting projects in the works after several art commissions including in books, magazines and galleries.

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