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We love our Latina moms, you could even say we adore them most of the time

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We love our Latina moms, you could even say we adore them most of the time. Some of us already are them! But OMG, they can be so extra sometimes. It’s actually pretty hilarious all of the quirks, superstitions, and idiosyncrasies there are when it comes to Latina moms. There are literally hundreds of TikTok videos with the hashtags, #LatinaMomsBeLike and #HispanicMomsBeLike, and we kind of fell down the rabbit hole. The accuracy is astonishing. They may drive us crazy sometimes, but we wouldn’t change them for the world, so all in good fun, we’ve decided to share some of our favorite  #LatinaMomsBeLike TikTok videos here. Honestly, we bet mami would find these skits hilarious too, especially since well…abuela probably did the same things to her.

That Salsa is Rockin’


Always 😩🤣 #latinamomsbelike #jvalentino #foryoupage

♬ original sound – JValentino

Old school Latina moms are definitely not shy about bringing their own seasonings to restaurants, but it is beyond embarrassing! Honestly, though, mami’s salsa is way better than what they have at the restaurant so we kind of get it. It’s better than sending food back, which Latina moms will also do real quick if they’re unhappy and paying money for something.

So Dramatic


Is your mother this EXAGERADA?! Hahah 🤣 #fyp #foryoupage #latina #latinamom #latinamomsbelike #latino #hispanic #latinamother #comedy #puertorican

♬ original sound – Alejandra Azur 🥰

Yaasss! Why are Latina moms so dramatic about every little thing that they dislike or even things that confuse them? Like, “ma, it’s not that big of a deal.” They definitely have a tendency to exaggerate, but we actually think we’d kind of miss the hilarity of it if they didn’t.

When I Speak English…


Does your mom say this? #fyp #parati #latinamomsbelike #dominicanmomsbelike #english #spanish #household #rules

♬ original sound – LaNilda

Anyone who grew up in a Spanish-speaking Latino household knows how lit mom would get if you dared switch it up and speak to her in English at home. It’s not even that she didn’t understand, it’s just that you didn’t do what she expected of you and naturally, that’s a major offense.

Fear the Chancleta


Thats on Chancleta #latina #🇵🇷🇵🇷 #chancleta #latinamomsbelike #funnytiktok #comedy #winomom #sillymom #lajale_444 #momof2 #latinosbelike

♬ original sound – Ashley Soto

It may not be right, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. No matter if you’re family is Puerto Rican, Mexican, Colombian, or from any other Latino country, you know mami knows how to use that chancla, and her timing is always perfect. Not gonna lie, I’ve been tempted to toss it at my own kids on occasion. Haven’t done it and probably never will, but I’ve definitely thought about it.

That Sixth Sense


Hispanic moms be like 😂😂 #badbunny #hispanicmom #latina

♬ original sound – Jay Mendoza

They always know! But music does have magical powers of distraction when it comes to Latina moms. None of us can resist a good bop. Still, mami can always tell when we’re not being 100 percent honest and we’re doing something we’re not supposed to be doing. I swear Latina moms are born with a sixth sense.

Sleep? Que Sleep?


Smh 😩😓 #momsbelike #dominican #latinamomsbelike #dominicanmombelike #latinamoms #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Naturally Melonie

Do all Latina moms wake up at the crack of dawn ready to go? Consider yourself lucky if yours didn’t wake you up super early to ask you random questions, gossip or more frequently, clean the house until it was absolutely spotless. Cleaning at dawn on weekends is also a regular occurrence!

Yeah, Cleaning Early on Weekends is a Thing


I’m not a mom but I definitely took after my mom lol I NEVER SLEEP IN!! #growinguphispanic #hispanicparents #latina #latinosbelike #hispanicmoms

♬ original sound – Jenny Solares

Latina moms can live a full day before anyone else in the house is even awake. My mom was quick to make us turn off the TV if we happened to wake up before her or managed to get past her to watch some cartoons on Saturday. There was cleaning to be done!

Cleaning on Weekends Means Blasting Latin Music


Do your parents like Bad Bunny? #fyp #parati #badbunny #dominicanmomsbelike #latinamomsbelike #clean #music

♬ original sound – LaNilda

Speaking of…why didn’t we ever get to pick the music we cleaned to on Saturday mornings? Seriously though, dancing salsa all over the house while dusting and mopping is so nostalgic for us now. From El Gran Combo to Marc Anthony and Jerry Rivera, those songs were the soundtrack to our childhoods.

They Don’t Understand the Concept of Being Bored


You don’t ever utter the words, “I’m bored,” in front of a Latina mom. Just don’t do it. You will end up cleaning the house until you pass out exhausted in a pile of Fabuloso, bleach, and dish rags. Latina moms don’t know boredom because they usually work so dang hard all the time, that there’s never a chance to get bored, so when you tell them you are, that just pushes some buttons.

They’re Very Superstitious


Which one of these did/does your mom say!? #growinguphispanic #hispanicmomsbelike #latina #español #latinosbelike

♬ original sound – Jenny Solares

To be Latinx and not have heard every single one of these superstitions more than once, you should consider yourself lucky. It definitely got annoying to constantly be reminded not to put your purse on the floor, but really these Latina mom superstitions are totally harmless. Bet you’ll say them to your kids someday.

Bathroom Decor is Important


Latina moms decorate their bathrooms like… 🚽 🌸 #thisismyfamily #latinosbelike #hispanicsbelike #comedy #funny #bathroom #latinamomsbelike #cuban

♬ original sound – Jenny Lorenzo

Seriously, this is one really don’t get. Why do Latina moms put so many decorations in the bathroom? It could be the smallest bathroom, but better believe it’s gonna have ruffles, satin, candles, potpourri, a toilet seat cover, a toilet paper cover, and several types of soap including those little decorative bars that you’re not allowed to use.

Sleepovers Aren’t Really a Thing


Latinx kids have always known they’re not going anywhere if mami says no and you’re definitely not sleeping over anybody’s house. If you’re a girl, she’s gonna need a list of who is going to be there and all of their parent’s phone numbers. And what are you wearing?! Is that makeup?! Limpia tu cara! Latina moms do not play when it comes to protecting their children.

One Does Not Waste Food


Especially in front of a Latina mom 😂 #latinamomsbelike #jvalentino #foryoupage

♬ original sound – JValentino

Ask any Latina mom and she will definitely tell you that throwing out food is like a cardinal sin. Just try not to finish everything on your plate. It doesn’t matter that she served you enough arroz for three people, you will eat it. Like she said, “we not rich.”

To Sum it All Up…


ALL THE THINGS HISPANIC MOMS SAY!😲😩😂(TAG SOMEONE!) #latina #comedy #español #friends

♬ Las Caras Lindas – Ismael Rivera

Latina moms can be totally crazy sometimes, but we couldn’t love them any more than we already do. They sacrifice so much for their kids, they always have a remedio for any malady and they only ever want the best for their children. What more could anyone ask for in a mother?

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