9 Latinas That Are Changing The Way We Look at Wellness

Latinas in wellness HipLatina

In recent years, the global wellness industry has turned into a 4.2 trillion dollar biz. There are countless products and practices available now, to help you live your best and healthiest life. It’s inspiring to live in a time where folks — women especially — are finally putting their health and well-being first. But what we don’t talk enough about is the wellness industry’s diversity issue and how women of color are often ostracized. Not seeing enough Brown or Black women leading businesses or movements in wellness, while society continues to perpetuate “white skinny girl” body ideals, often does us far more harm than good which is why women of color are finally taking things into their own hands. Not only are they recommitting themselves to wellness and self-care but they are also making it their mission to make these things accessible to communities of color because after all, EVERYONE deserves access to a healthier and fulfilling life. Here’s a look at a few badass Latinas who are unapologetically changing the way we look at wellness.




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