9 Latinas Working in Health and Wellness to Help Women of Color

This past year has been stressful, to say the least, and our health as been front of mind as we navigated a pandemic and quarantine


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Many Latinas stepped up to support women in need as we searched for ways to get help online to cope with stress and other health issues. Holistic health coaches like Giselle Schreiner offered services in nutrition and self-love while others like Melissa Alcantara showed women how to workout from home and stay motivated. Many of our fellow Latinas are sharing their personal stories and using their experiences and wellness knowledge to help guide us through these tough times. Here are 10 Latinas working in health and wellness to help women of color live their best lives.


Giselle Schreiner

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Giselle Schreiner is a holistic health coach and creator of La Vida Organica blog promoting clean eating and spiritual wellness. Her mission is to help women understand that the basis for a better quality of life is found in food and self-love. She is fascinated by the holistic world and believes that nutrition really impacts one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Through La Vida Organica she offers workshops, online classes, Ebooks, and other tools to allow women of color to create powerful, healthy habits.


Dalina Soto


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Dalina Soto is a self-proclaimed “Anti-Diet” Dietitian who is helping Latinas end chronic dieting and nourish their bodies with foods they love. Any Latina knows that food is a major part of life and Latinx culture and Soto is showing women of color how to eat healthy within their own cuisine. On her website she shares that only 3 percent of registered dietitians in the U.S. identify as Latino so she’s working to help fellow Latinas in a space that truly lacks representation.


Mariel Buque


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Dr. Mariel Buquè is a holistic psychologist and inter-generational trauma expert who uses holistic mental wellness techniques to help women of color heal from past traumas. She offers healing and anti-racism lessons and workshops which allow women to free their mind. With each workshop, you’ll get an E-book, a daily journal, soothing meditation sounds, video check-ins, and self-care giveaways.


Millana Snow


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Afro-Latina Millana Snow is an energy healer and founder of Wellness Official providing services including daily practice on opening, healing, and supporting the seven main chakras and daily meditation for prosperity. She has created an online community that is judgement-free and provides women of color easy access to health professionals and resources.


Cyndi Ramirez

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Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton is the “Queen of Chill” and founder of the Chillhouse, a one-stop shop for self-care services for your face, body, and nails located in New York. The brand also has spa-inspired products available including their recently launched oils and is dedicated to providing accessible and quality self-care especially to young adults who often couldn’t afford it. “As the daughter of an immigrant esthetician [her mother owns Mary’s Esthetics & Cosmetology in Queens], I was inspired from a young age by the quality of my mother’s work—and the impact it had on her clients’ lives,” she told Martha Stewart magazine. For the month of May, 50 percent of proceeds of her best selling self care apparel will be donated to mental health organizations such as the Sad Girls Club and Half The Story.


Yadira Garcia

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Certified Integrative Health Coach and Chef Yadira Garcia is the founder of Happy Healthy Latina, a project that provides nutrition education to local communities and highlights issues with local food systems and health inequities among people of color. Garcia offers monthly community cooking classes and works with community based organizations to bring free or low cost farm fresh foods to residents in the New York City area.


Indhira Santana

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Indhira Santana is a holistic health coach, wellness and detox expert, author of Operation Cleanse, and founder of My Wellness Solutions. She created a unique space for women of color in Harlem and the Bronx to experience preventative, complimentary, and alternative medicine combined with natural supplements. Other services include nutritional counseling, detox, cleansing, acupuncture, and colonics.


Melissa Alcantara

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Melissa Alcantara, aka “Fit Gurl Mel,” is a personal trainer and published author of Fit Gurl: Total Body Turnaround. Every day she posts inspirational quotes to get women moving and easy-to-follow workout moves that can be done in the gym or at home. Her fitness program isn’t just about body image, it’s about self-discovery and embracing the strength you may not have known was within you.


Candy Calderon

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Candy Calderon is a wellness expert, certified holistic health coach, and founder of the Glow Wellness Tour. She helps women reclaim their health and is devoted to inclusion in wellness through her Glow Tour which aims to provide women of color with the resources and information they need to live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. She spoke with HipLatina during an IG Live about the importance of mental and gut health.


Rebecca Alvarez

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Rebecca Alvarez is a Latina sexologist and co-founder of Bloomi, a marketplace for clean sexual wellness and self-care. She told Forbes magazine that growing up in a Latinx household, she rarely had conversations about sex, periods, or intimate products. The purpose of Bloomi is to help women make better decisions about intimacy and avoid infections from store bought products.

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