30 Latinx Fashion Designers You Should Know About

Photo: @willfredogerardo/Instagram

For the longest time, only European fashion designers were highlighted and honored for their achievements. Their styles and influence, in cities such as Paris, London, and Milan, were the dictators of what was we saw in fashion. Trends trickled down to the mainstream based on what was seen on the runways and in the couture salons. European fashion was the be-all and end-all — period! Fashion magazines featured their designs, wrote on their successes, and promoted their way of doing things. If there were any Latinx designers killing it, we wouldn’t know because they were hardly being covered or talked about.

But the truth is, Latino designers have been adding their spin to and claiming their stake in the fashion world for decades. Designers, like Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta made it to the top of the fashion game, but there are so many more designers who have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. Although Latino designers are covered much more in mainstream fashion media these days, we don’t see their names as much as they deserve and as much as we’d like.

Because It’s often so difficult to find a roundup of Latinos who paved the way in the fashion world, we’ve put together a comprehensive list for you. We also made sure to include designers from a variety of Latin American countries, and at different stages of their fashion careers. We hope this list of fabulous fashion designers inspires you, while also giving you a major dose of orgullo Latino — check it out!




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