30 Latinx Fashionistas You Should Follow Online

Fashion is an international language that speaks for us in so many different ways

30 Latinx Fashionistas You Should Follow Online

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Fashion is an international language that speaks for us in so many different ways. It is how we communicate who we are, what we stand for, and how we want to be perceived in the world. It can make you a member of the collective, but can also instantly set you apart from the pack. Style is a powerful thing.

We wanted to share 30 stylish Latinx fashion bloggers who have become stars through sharing their fashionable outfits of the day, on-point beauty looks, and putting their personal spin on all the major trends. Some of these influencers you may know, while others you’ll be introduced in this article. All are fabulous and worth learning more about!

Camila Coelho

With a whopping 8.5 million Instagram followers, Brazilian fashionista Camila Coelho is a major Latina in the style game. She is the founder of the popular Camila Coelho Collection, (which itself has 258,000 followers), attended the exclusive Met Gala this year, and boasts a combined 4.66 million subscribers (Portuguese and English channels) on YouTube.

Monica Veloz of MonicaStyle Muse

Afro-Dominican fashion blogger Monica Veloz of Monicastylemuse, delivers style to her 338,000 followers on Instagram and 384,000 subscribers on YouTube, through fashionable outfit posts, beauty tutorials, and styling videos. You also get a big dose of Dominican culture (as well as other Latinx culture), through videos such as “Teaching Dominican Slang,” “How to Cook Oxtails With My Momma!!,” and “How To Dance Bachata! Como Bailar Bachata! ( Different Types of Bachahteros! ).”

Nathalie Muñoz

Dominicana Nathalie Muñoz is a New York City-based fashion and beauty vlogger with three different YouTube channels chock-full of useful videos — Nathalie Muñoz, Nathalie Muñoz TV, and Nathalie en Español. Some things you’ll learn from her tutorials are how to throw a fabulous Friendsgiving party, outfit ideas for fall, and how to achieve a holiday classic glam makeup look.

Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules

Mexican mega influencer Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules has 5.4 million followers on Instagram just waiting to see what stylish looks she posts next. In addition to this Instagram account, she also has a more fashion-centric account @juliesarinana. Her sharp eye for style has landed her collaborations with brands including Scunci and Billabong.

Nazira Sacasa

A beautiful thing that has been reinforced in fashion as of late, is that that fashionistas in all shapes and sizes are finally being embraced. Curvy fashion, beauty, and travel blogger Nazira Sacasa’s Instagram and blog are all about helping “women love the body they’re in right now so they can feel more confidence, joy, & freedom.”

Jillian Mercado


Whether she’s appearing on the cover of Teen Vogue, being nominated for a Shorty Award, or making appearances at fashion shows and on the red carpets, model and activist Jillian Mercado has really been paving the way for other differently-abled women like her to be seen. Fashion should be for everyone and everyone should represent fashion.

Rocky Barnes

Mexican-Filipino fashionista Rachel “Rocky” Barnes has 1.8 million followers on  Instagram. Her page shows off her effortlessly stylish outfits, dream vacations, and a glimpse into her life. You can also follow the link in her bio to check out her holiday collection with 360CASHMERE.

Andrea Maria of Dear Milano

Andrea Maria’s blog, Dear Milano, as well as her Instagram account, invites readers into her sleek yet fun aesthetic. She also shares with her followers her meditation and self-love practices. On her DearMilano YouTube channel, you can check out her NYFW attendance and other behind the scenes videos.

Veronica Bonilla of Brooklyn Petite

Part of personal style is taking fashion and tailoring it to your body — sometimes literally. Petite women historically have found it challenging to adapt mainstream clothing to their 5’4 and under frames. As a result, an array of chic petite bloggers have stylishly shown the masses how it’s done. One such blogger is Afro-Latina Veronica Bonilla, who shares her on-trend OOTDs on her Instagram account. She has also gone a step further by curating and selling vintage (focusing on petite Levi’s jeans) that caters to petite women.

Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s Klozet

Another Latinx fashionista who you should follow is Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s Klozet. The Miami-based Venezuelan blogger shares her style, travels, and life as a wife and new mom with her 180,000 Instagram followers. A visit to her blog additionally provides posts on motherhood, beauty, blogging tips, and more.

Adriana Convers of Fat Pandora

Adriana Convers is a Colombian marketer and publicist who shares her sense of fashion on her Instagram account and blog of the same name, Fat Pandora. She started the site “to show women regardless of weight, height, etc. that we can’t give up, fashion is not our enemy.”

Carolina Silva of Caro In Style

Venezuelan blogger Carolina Silva of Caro In Style focuses her work on the categories of “creative,” fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, and “mommy life.” She is also the founder of Garota, a clothing brand with a chain of stores. You can spend an endless amount of time scrolling her Instagram feed (you can also head over to her blog) and checking out outfits that strike a perfect balance between on-trend and classic.

Sofia Lascurain

The next Latinx fashionista we recommend you go follow is Sofia Lascurain. The Mexico City-based blogger has 195,000 followers on Instagram, who are a witness to her fun, often colorful sartorial selections. You can see more on her blog, my philosophie, including items from her collaboration with jewelry brand Tierra Rossa, entitled My Philosophie x Tierra Rossa.

Paola Zurita

Paola Zurita definitely has a presence on Instagram, with 1 million followers. The blogger writes on travel, wellness, and luxury on her website, but you also get to check out her style as she wanders around the world. She is also the founder of #PZLOVEYOURSELF, an Instagram account and a vertical on her blog which is brimming with positive and inspiring content.

Pam Hetlinger of The Girl from Panama

Los Angeles-based Panamanian fashion blogger Pam Hetlinger runs the blog, The Girl from Panama, where she shares all kinds of tips, including “12 Things You Need in Your Closet for Fall,” a “sparkly eye” makeup tutorial, and jewelry recommendations. Her Instagram account, which has 232,000 followers is a study on classic attire, with plenty of also on-trend suiting pieces.

Dylana Lim Suarez

Mexican-Spanish-Asian fashion blogger Dylana Lim Suarez is all about fashion, photos, words, travel, and substance, and her content has led her to acquire an impressive 215,000 followers on Instagram. Blogging since 2009, Suarez is also one part of the dynamic duo of the #suarezsisters with her hermana, model Natalie Lim Suarez.

Natalie Lim Suarez of NATALIE OFF DUTY

Asian-Latinx model and singer Natalie Lim Suarez is the other half of the #suarezsisters (along with Dylana Lim Suarez), and editor at NATALIE OFF DUTY. As a model, some of her campaigns include Rebecca Taylor, Neiman Marcus, and Maybelline. While it’s cool to see Dylana and Natalie’s work individually, it’s even cooler to see the sisters’ collaborative work!

Jessica Barboza of Peace & Vogue

Next up on our list of Latinx fashionistas you need to follow is Jessica Barboza of Peace & Vogue. Her blog speaks on fashion, decor, beauty, motherhood (Jess En Modo Mamá), food and travel, and “The Ugly Truth.” Barboza also created another Instagram account for the vertical Jess En Modo Mamá (@jessmodomama) chronicling her life as a mother to three kids.

Pamela Allier

Mexicana Pamela Allier has 835,000 followers on Instagram. Her account strikes the perfect balance between style and travel, where the surroundings are as cool as the clothes. Her website, pamallier.com, was established in 2014, and is just as stylish as her Insta.

Jenny Lopez

Blogger and model Jenny Lopez is definitely living the life of a fashionista, hanging with designer Francisco Costa, modeling for Nordstrom, and contributing to Vogue Mexico. You can join the 357,000 followers of her Instagram account (and check out her blog, lopezjennylopez.com) to get a front-row view at the stylish happenings.

Farah Pink


New York-based, Afro-Latina fashionista Farah Pink, founder of Pinkness Co. totally holds it down sartorially on her own Instagram page, which boasts 45.7k followers. Even her casual wear is totally on-trend, stylish, and polished. You will also find beauty recommendations, travel pics, and photos of her adorable Labradoodle Sunny.

Diana Saldana

Diana Saldana’s career focus is on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, with a YouTube channel that has an impressive 774,000 subscribers and an Instagram account with 349,000 followers. She also has an Instagram account, @dianacsaldana, that is solely dedicated to her outfits. She is another influencer that we feel you should definitely go and follow!

Denisse Myrick

Afro-Latinx Denisse Myrick is a Phoenix-based New Yorker who is also an internationally-published photographer and digital content creator. Her Instagram account @chasingdenisse, showcases her photography, wise tweets, a glimpse into her personal life, and of course, plenty of fashion moments.

Jessica Torres

Ecuadorian-American style blogger Jessica Torres has made a name for herself by being both a fashionista and being a body-positive, curvy role model. Her Instagram account boasts 114,000 followers and has a ton of stylish #OOTDs. Torres also has a YouTube channel where she tries on and evaluates plus-size clothes at several popular stores, and is the co-host of the Fat Girls Club podcast.

Fer Medina

Fer Medina is a Mexican blogger who knows how to have fun with fashion. Her outfits showcase the latest trends, feature-rich pops of color, and her eye for style. Fer’s Instagram account boasts 358,000 followers, who tune in to see what she’ll wow in next.

Whitney Valverde

Whitney Valverde is a Costa Rican blogger based in the UK. She takes her 375,000 followers around the world with her on her many travels, with each stop of course peppered with several fashionable, stylish outfits. Her blog is entitled Whitneys Wonderland.

Martina Ritter

Brazilian content creator Martina Ritter loves to wow in pastels and richer pops of color. She is definitely having fun embracing the all-things-’90s trend and no doubt is inspiring her 313,000 Instagram followers to do the same.

Cindy Morales of The Pint Size Diaries

Guatemalan-Nicaraguan-Salvadorian petite fashion blogger Cindy Morales shares her stylish #OOTDs on her Insta blog, The Pint Size Diaries. She also has a clothing brand called Chapilinda, which is “Latina and Chaparrita inspired,” and also has a The Pint Size Diaries YouTube channel.

Cassandra De La Vega


Another fashionista we think you should follow is Mexicana Cassandra De La Vega. Based in Mexico City, the image consultant is another big traveler who shares trip pics with her 134,000 Instagram followers. And of course, each destination has outfits that are expertly styled.

Paola Alberdi

The final, fashionable Latinx to grace this list of must-follow influencers is Paola Alberdi.  With 1.1 million Instagram followers, the Mexicana mom and founder of Blank Itinerary shares her many chic outfits and lifestyle faves.

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