10 Latinx-Owned Plant Essentials Plantita Mamis Need

Are you someone who collects plantitas like it’s your job? In the last few years we’ve seen a more and more people embracing the “plant parent” life

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Are you someone who collects plantitas like it’s your job? In the last few years we’ve seen a more and more people embracing the “plant parent” life. Honestly, plants not only make your space beautiful and more peaceful but they generally are a mood booster, improve the quality of air, and increase your productivity. If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite plant parent or something to add to your indoor jungle, there is no shortage of unique and fun options. From Bad Bunny pots to D.I.Y kits and earrings, here are 10 Latinx-owned items that will delight any plant mami.


Concrete and Gold Set of Succulents from The Juicy Leaf


Image: thejuicyleaf.bloomnation.com

We love a modern design especially in gold! If you can’t have a garden, all you need is this set of succulents from The Juicy Leaf. These one-of-a-kind pieces are designed, arranged, and hand delivered by a local florist.  The set of zebra succulents are beautiful to look at but also easy to maintain so it’s a win-win.

Concrete and Gold Set of Succulents, $89.95, available at thejuicyleaf.bloomnation.com


Bad Bunny Terra Cotta Pot from Latinx With Plants

Image: Instagram/@latinxwithplants

“Tití me pregunto si tengo mucha planta!”! This six-inch terra cotta pot from Latinx With Plants has a hand painted photo of none other than El Conejo Malo. It’s ideal for any plant mami to display in their indoor garden and the perfect addition to any home decor. It’s also the ultimate garden gift for that aspiring plant parent or Bad Bunny enthusiast in your life.

Bad Bunny Terra Cotta Pot, $40. available at latinxwithplants.com


Custom Ceramic Planter from EnCactusar


Image: etsy.com

Another great way to complement a plantita is via a custom ceramic planter from EnCactusar, which provides a boho-chic look. This rare find is custom made-to-order and perfect for outdoor plants. It has excellent drainage and holds plants up to four inches in diameter.

Custom Ceramic Planter, $20, available at etsy.com


D.I.Y Pot Kit from Concrete Geometric


Image: concretegeometric.com

If you’ve always wanted to design and create your own pot, this little D.I.Y pot kit from Concrete Geometric can help you. This kit is beginner friendly and perfect for small plants that will look great in your living room, on your night stand, or in your office. It comes complete with a reusable silicone mold, tools, step-by-step instructions, quick dry mix, colors of choice (cool tones, warm tones, Earth tones), and gloves. Plant mamis we LOVE this creative gift.

D.I.Y Pot Kit, $30, available at concretegeometric.com


Piñata Planter from Seelene Succulents


Image: etsy.com

This little planter is like an itty-bitty piñata, but one that lasts beyond a birthday party and instead of candy it’s full of succulents.  The design is colorful and vibrant and we love that it’s a cultural symbol that turns into a permanent fixture as a planter.

Piñata Planter, $20.99, available at etsy.com


Bloom Where You Are Planted Shirt from Sabor Latinx


Image: etsy.com

This Sabor Latinx tee is perfect for the plant mami in you. Rep your inner plant lover and remind yourself to keep growing forward and stay motivated.  We also love the reminder to flourish where your roots are and continue to bloom just like your plants.

Bloom Where You Are Planted Shirt, $24.96, available at etsy.com


Plant Señora Sticker from Very That


Image: etsy.com

This plant señora sticker is fun and allows you to show off your plant parenthood anywhere you place it – your water bottle, laptop, phone, you name it. Very That has a mug version too, for plant señoras who want to enjoy their cafecito with their plantas in the morning.

Plant Señora Sticker, $3.50, available at etsy.com


Disney Ceramic Pot from Succulent Mamis


Image: etsy.com

Pass your plant obsession down to the next generation with these adorable Disney ceramic pots that have the Mickey Mouse ear and the word “baby” on them. You can choose between white or pink and you have the option of getting it with or without a succulent. Place them in your kid’s room or gift them at an amiga’s baby shower.

Disney Ceramic Pot, $15, available at etsy.com


Succulent Plant Earrings from Colores Mexicanos


Image: coloresmexicanoschicago.com

These succulent plant earrings from Colores Mexicanos are a cute touch to your overall look that also let people know you love plantitas. They’re handmade by a local artisan so purchasing this is also a way to show support for locally handmade goods and we are here for it.

Succulent Plant Earrings, $19.99, available at coloresmexicanoschicago.com


Macrame Plant Hanger from Ficus & Clay


Image: etsy.com

This handmade, hanging plant holder from Ficus & Clay is a great way to add some decor to your casita without taking up any shelf or floor space. It’s made with macrame cord and beads and holds pots four inches to seven inches in diameter. We suggest hanging near indirect light and just making sure it’s accessible so you can make sure it’s watered as needed.

Macrame Plant Hanger, $25, available at etsy.com

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