Señora Era: 10 Latinx-Owned Items to Add To Your Fall Starter Pack

t's the weekend and you've told your amigas that you can't go out because you have other plans: relaxing at home with your plantitas, searching for ofertas online, and prepping for 9 p



It’s the weekend and you’ve told your amigas that you can’t go out because you have other plans: relaxing at home with your plantitas, searching for ofertas online, and prepping for 9 p.m. bedtime. Welcome to your señora era! Millennial and Gen Z Latinas are embracing their #SeñoraEra on social media with pride. So what exactly is the señora era? It’s when you find yourself behaving like your tias or abuelas usually do, from sipping on cafecito to deep cleaning the house on a Saturday morning. Now, you can’t exactly live the señora lifestyle without some essential items. From red lipstick to cozy pajamas, find out exactly what  you need to live your best señora life featuring Latinx-owned brands.


La Plant Mom Lotería Shirt from Luchadoras

La Plant mom luchadoras tee
Photo: Etsy

Plantas feel like a rite of passage for anyone transitioning into their señora era and this La Plant Mom” shirt from Luchadoras was created for those dedicated to being a plant mami. It’s the perfect nod to two cultural staples – Lotería and plants because we love our gardens and herbs.

Plant Lady Shirt, $11.17, available at


Loves In Spanish Hoodie from Hija De Tu Madre

Image: Instagram/@hijadetumadre

 Sometimes building the perfect señora fall outfit has less to do with having the right items, and more to do with the message you send out to the world. This “Loves In Spanish” hoodie is about embracing your bilingual existence and the amor for Spanish language.

Loves In Spanish Hoodie, $65, available at


Sana Sana Sweatshirt from Mi Vida


“Sana, sana, colita de rana. Si no sanas hoy, sanarás mañana” – we’ve all heard the phrase and even though it really doesn’t make sense, it’s comforting anyway. We love this sweatshirt from MI Vida that features sage because limpias are essential to keeping good energy in your home. One of the best parts of being a Señora is knowing the value in good vibes only and embracing one of the most iconic healing phrases in our comunidad.

Sana Sana Sweatshirt, $38, available at


Ceramic Talavera from Latin Nomad


Latin Nomad’s ceramic talavera is functional art in our opinion. Ceramic plates and bowls are a must and, much like abuela use to do, you make sure to take good care of them. The unique colors and patterns make it the perfect bowl for kitchen counter fruits.

Ceramic Talavera, $62, available at


Mexican Pan Dulce Slippers from MEXTALGIA


The Mexican pan dulce slippers are crucial to maximizing comfort while still keeping it stylish. Not only will they remind you of the sweet flavor of pan dulces but the soft, comfortable padding will make you want to cozy up on your favorite chair with your cafecito.

Mexican Pan Dulce Slippers, $35, available at


Red Velvet Lipstick from Besame Cosmetics

Image: Instagram/@besamecosmetics

Besame Cosmetics is a beauty brand that is serving major señora vibes with their classic red velvet lipstick.  Many of us grew up watching our mamis and abuelas getting dressed up just to go to the market and while we think that might be a bit extra, putting on a red lip is one habit we’re happy to embrace.

Red Velvet Lipstick, $28, available at


Señora Chingona Fabulous Tote from The Sra Shop


Señora Chingona is a total vibe and this tote is perfect for those mercado runs while still reminding you of the poderosa that you are. It’s a reminder that celebrates your señora era because IT IS an era worth celebrating.

Señora Chingona Fabulous Tote, $27, available at


Gisele Sleepshirt from Eberjey

Image: Instagram/@eberjey

Eberjey was founded by Mariela Rovito, born in Buenos Aires, and Ali Mejia, born in El Salvador, and inspired by Ali’s mom’s sleepwear so it doesn’t get more señora than that. The Gisele sleepshirt is a cozy classic and one you can wear with a pair of leggings if you need to step out and then you can get back home and immediately get comfy again. We love that you can add a monogram too because we love a cute, personalized detail.

Gisele Sleepshirt, $118, available at


Hyacinth Straw Bucket Hat from CEREMONIA


Ceremonia launched in 2017 to celebrate natural resources and creativity of local artisans in Bali and Mexico. Each item represents tradition and provides families in underserved regions with income opportunities. This straw bucket hat is functional pero cute  and made by hand. It’s a great accessory for a day of just sitting outside and getting lost in your own thoughts or gardening and soaking up some sunshine.

Hyacinth Straw Bucket Hat, $48, available at


Mini Gourmet Sampler Set from Lola’s Mercadito

Image: Instagram/@lolasmercadito

Lola’s Mercadito is an online store that supports women in education, leadership, and business. This mini gourmet sampler set includes salsa negra, hibiscus jam, vanilla bean sugar, and one handmade sugar spoon from Oaxaca, Mexico. By now you’ve probably played around in the kitchen and maybe even mastered  making pasteles or some other baked good so this set is the perfect treat for yourself so you can treat your familia.

Mini Gourmet Sampler Set, $6, available at

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