6 Fun Facts About Micheladas, the Iconic Cocktail from Mexico

A Michelada is a refreshing ice cold beer with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a dash of salt with a splash of hot sauce and tomato juice


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A Michelada is a refreshing ice cold beer with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a dash of salt with a splash of hot sauce and tomato juice. The popularity of this Mexican cocktail has grown across Mexico and until recently has been in demand all throughout the United States. Over the years homebrewers and restaurants have taken the thirst-quenching michelada to the next level by adding different sauces, chili peppers, tomato juice, fruits like pineapple, and even seafood like shrimp. If your favorite beer cocktail is the michelada, then here are six fun facts that you may or may not have known about the michelada.


The Michelada was created in Mexico

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Like any cocktail, the origin story is unclear — some say the name itself is literally “My cold beer” ( mi- chelada) as its known in Mexico but how it came to be is not exactly known.


The origin story is unclear but it’s believed to have been developed at a bar


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According to one legend,  it was invented as a hangover cure by a bartender at Potosino Sports Club in San Luis Potosí in the 1960s. Another legend is that it was named in honor of Mexican general Augusto Michel who who liked to drink beer with chile and lime juice.


U.S beer producers started selling cervezas preparadas


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In the 2000s, major U.S. beer companies started selling pre-made mix to cash in on the Michelada craze. “The Michelada isn’t new for Mexico, but in the United States it’s something special, something they only began to try recently and they like,” said Santiago Clariond, owner of Compania Alimenticia del Norte SA, which makes MicheMix. In 2008, Budweiser launched the Chelada. It was so successful that 7-11 and Costco started stocking their shelves with it and it’s sold at Dodgers Stadium too.


Michelada recipes vary

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The classic Michelada calls for Mexican lager, salt, tomato juice and lime juice. Take it a step further and  add hot sauce, clam juice, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, orange juice and fresh peppers. Homebrewers and restaurants have recently jumped on the Michelada train and have created a variety of types of micheladas: the michelada gingembre, the pineapple michelada, and michelada con camarones.


There are Michelada festivals ever year


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Festival organizers are well aware that people are always craving a good michelada, which is why they’ve started holding yearly Michelada Fests all over the United States. In Fort Worth, Texas, Clamato holds a free festival that celebrates heritage, food, and of course, the michelada. In Chicago, organizers created the Chicago Michelada Fest to celebrate the Latinx culture and highlight the michelada. They even have live performances and many michelada vendors available to festival goers.


Michelada contests are held every year

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We’re always on the hunt for the best michelada and many different organizations are helping us in the search. Beer companies like Lone Star hold contests like the Rio Jade Michelada contest, also known as the “Riochelada,” where residents of Texas come together to showcase their unique michelada creations. Finalists will have their concoction rated by special guest judges and winners take home a cash prize. In Southern California, they have the Michelada Rumble, the largest michelada throwdown in the area.

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