10 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts That Honor Latin Culture

Not that as a mom myself I’m biased or anything, but Mother’s Day is honestly one of the best holidays of the year

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Not that as a mom myself I’m biased or anything, but Mother’s Day is honestly one of the best holidays of the year. So many of us have incredible mamas or mother figures in our lives, that we love and respect. Mother’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate them in all of their powerful and abundant glory. Many of our moms made us the women we are today, imparting their love, knowledge, and cultures to us patiently and generously and for that, we are endlessly grateful.

Whether it’s your own mamá, your bestie, your suegra, or your prima, she deserves to be showered with love, and gifts on Mother’s Day, and really every day. So we’ve put together a list of 10 absolutely gorgeous Mother’s Day gifts with a twist. Each one of these items celebrates Latinx culture, heritage, or history in some way, which makes them all the more personal and special for Mother’s Day.wp_*posts

Embroidered Rebozo – Modern Mexican Mercado

rebozo hiplatina

Photo: lolomercadito.com

Mexico and many Latin American countries have a long and rich tradition of producing stunningly intricate textiles like the one used to create this gorgeous shawl, which is known as a “rebozo” in Mexico. This is the perfect fashion accessory for a Latina mom for both casual and more dressed-up looks that both honors Mexican culture and looks super-stylish. We also love how versatile all the vibrant colors make it. It’s the perfect complement to denim or even a pretty sundress.

Floral Embroidery Rebozos, $119, available at lolomercadito.comwp_*posts

Ojitos Necklace – XIO by Ylette

ojitos necklace hiplatina

Photo: XIO

Ojitos have long been a symbol in Latinx culture used to ward off bad intentions from others. Some of our mamis even had us wearing jewelry to ward off el mal de ojo from the time we were infants. Now, you can gift the mom in your life this beautiful necklace from Latina-owned jewelry company XIO, as a daily reminder to focus on her own blessings while keeping negative vibes from others at bay. The necklace is 14 inches and comes with a four-inch extender.

Ojitos Necklace, $58, available at xiobyylette.comwp_*posts

Crown Huarache Sandals – Espiritu

huarache sandals hiplatina

Photo: espiritu.com

Another item that showcases Mexican craftsmanship is the huarache. Not only are they beautiful and intricate, but they’re also quite comfy when made properly, like this updated metallic version from Espiritu. They are made from organically sourced authentic leather, vegetable dyes, and recycled rubber, by Indigenous Mexican craftspeople. These will bring your mamá right back to her childhood in the most fashionable way.

Crown Huarache Sandals, $95, available at espiritu.comwp_*posts

Florecito Soap Duo – Nopalera

nopalera florecito duo hiplatina

Photo: nopalera.co

We’re kind of obsessed with Nopalera’s cactus-based products and we think you and the mom in your life will be too. This beautiful Florecito duo features the company’s signature moisturizing cactus soap bar and a moisturizing botanical bar in the classic Flor de Mayo scent. You can pick from three different varieties of the soap, and the botanical bar is made with nopal oil and jasmine oil and comes in a handy tin to keep the bar intact between uses. Both products are vegan and free of synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Nopalera Florecito Duo, $40, available at nopalero.co


Mañanita Skincare Kit – Vamigas

vamigas set hiplatina

Photo: vamigas.com

The Mañanita Kit from Vamigas features three skincare products intended to make the most of a morning skincare routine which, let’s face it, every mom needs since time is of the essence. The kit includes a clarifying cleanser, a balancing face mist, and a rejuvenating oil, all made with ingredients that are traditionally used in Latin American home remedies, like aloe, chia, papaya, yerba mate, ginger, and witch hazel. Our Mamás don’t often get to enjoy beauty and skin care products like these so they’ll definitely appreciate it.

Vamigas Mañanita Kit, $90, available at vamigas.com


Botanical Smoke – Flores Sagradas

flores sagradas hiplatina

Photo: animamundiherbals.com

Botánicas may not be all that common in certain areas anymore, but a lot of us still have memories of accompanying our moms to pick up all sorts of remedies intended to cure and protect our bodies and homes. This Flores Sagradas Botanical Smoke blend will invoke just that. This particular blend includes cornflower, rose petals, and mugwort, and is intended to be used during smoke rituals to promote relaxation and have a calming effect. Every mom needs that!

Flores Sagradas Botanical Smoke, $20, available at animamundiherbals.com


Bonita Fierce Candles

bonita fierce candle hiplatina

Photo: bonitafiercecandles.com

Bonita Fierce candles are so special because they use the power of scent to bring us back to our roots. A lot of the scents remind us of our own childhoods and make us feel so nostalgic. Though there are lots to choose from we think the Cafecito Con Leche and Lavender Fabuloso scents are pretty fun. All of the candles are made with clean-burning soy-coconut wax

Bonita Fierce Candles, from $15, available at bonitafiercecandles.com


San Jose Throw Rug – Casa Brixe

san jose throw rug hiplatina

Photo: casabrixe.com

This stunning San Jose Throw Rug from Casa Brixe made with wool sourced from Mexico celebrates the Indigenous heritage of many people with roots in Latin America. If your mom is into home decor or just likes pretty things, it’s a lovely gift. They are hand-dyed by local artisans in Oaxaca, using traditional methods, and acquired using direct trade with those artisans. So, not only does the purchase honor Mexican culture, but it also supports Mexican art and the local economy.

San Jose Throw Rug, $170, available at casabrixe.com


Reina Del Caribe Eyeshadow Palette – Alamar Cosmetics

alamar eyeshadow hiplatina

Photo: alamarcosmetics.com

Most Latina moms are no stranger to makeup. Even if she only gets dolled up for special occasions though, mom will love this vibrant Reina del Caribe eyeshadow palette from Alamar Cosmetics. It features eight easy-to-blend shades including four metallics and four matte shades, each of which is inspired by the Caribbean islands. They are all absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a night out or a special occasion any time of year. She deserves it!

Reina del Caribe Eyeshadow Palette, $28, available at alamarcosmetics.com


Masterliner Universal Red Pencil – Besame

besame lipstick

Photo: besamecosmetics.com

In addition to a great eye palette, mom is gonna need great lipstick and of course, it’s gotta be the classic red.  Bésame Cosmetics specializes in the perfect red lipstick and offers various shades from the brightest, classic red to deeper shades like this chocolate-red hue. The company itself was inspired by founder’s Gabriela Hernandez Argentinian abuela. They are triple-pigmented, so they are long-wearing and richly colored while also being moisturizing thanks to a Vitamin E-enriched formula. They’re also paraben-free and cruelty-free and sustainably made.

Bésame Cosmetics Lipstick, $28, besamecosmetics.com

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