‘The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos Is in Final Talks to Play Selena on Netflix

The search for the next Selena seems to be over

Photo: Unsplash/@7th_verse

Photo: Unsplash/@7th_verse

The search for the next Selena seems to be over. Yes, we know it feels like lots of women are playing Selena or in talks of playing the late singer these days. It gets confusing and we get it. This particular Selena project, however, will air on Netflix and actually has the Quintanilla family’s seal of approval.

Can we get a little drum roll, please? The next Selena will be — possibly — Christian Serratos!


You may recognize Serratos as Rosita Espinosa, one of the characters on the long-running AMC show The Walking Dead. We can’t say it’s a sure thing just yet because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress and Netflix are still in negotiations. THR also states the deal between Serratos and Netflix are still trying to figure out scheduling issues, as the actress is still filming The Walking Dead.

In June it was also reported that Massiel Taveras, actress, and the former Miss Dominican Republic, was reportedly in the final rounds of auditions for the Netflix series on Selena. Several Spanish outlets reported that out of 500 actors, the last group of finalists includes 17 women and Taveras is one of them.

Taveras campaigned hard for the role, at least she did so on her Instagram. Several images showed Taveras in Selena-like makeup and clothes, including bustier tops. Serratos has done the same. A couple of images show the actress in dark red lipstick and hoops. Now, we’re not saying red lipstick and hoop earrings are all it takes to play Selena, but it’s definitely a start.

As the only Latina lead in The Walking Dead, we’re glad to see her get her shine. The 28-year-old star is no stranger to the interworkings of the Hollywood industry as her mom and dad both work in the business as well. We’re also thrilled that an interracial actress will play the role of Selena. Serratos is of Mexican and Italian descent. Congrats, Christian!

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