30 New Songs By Latinx Artists You Should Be Bumping Right Now

It’s safe to say that music is a gift

30 New Songs By Latinx Artists You Should Be Bumping Right Now

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It’s safe to say that music is a gift. It brings people together, helps us heal, makes us dance and never fails to put a smile (or a tear) on our faces. But sometimes music hits a little different when it’s by Latin artists and groups — there’s no doubt about it. When its created by a Latinx artist, it definitely helps us relate it to more and adds more meaning to it as well. Music created by our own community might even help us make more sense of our Latinx experience and identity.

While there are endless classic songs we will always have on rotation, we also love to find the new and latest Latinx songs that’ll add a little more oomph to our playlists.

So without further ado, we just released a quarterly round-up of new Latinx songs that you need to be bumping right now. From reggaeton, salsa, banda, pop, to Latin trap — this playlist has everything. Don’t forget to check out our playlist on Spotify, too!

“Frio” by Omar Apollo

We wanted to start this playlist chill and build up the momentum from there. Omar Apollo’s recently released song “Frio” is a relaxed reggaeton track that talks about a significant other who still wants to be in a toxic relationship although it’s over.

“Pasaporte” by KC Porter and INDIA

You know we love La India and will rush to hear any new jams she puts out. She collaborated with singer, songwriter, and producer KC Porter on the song “Pasaporte,” from the album Cruzaderos. Cruzaderos tells the stories of the many Latinxs, several escaping violence in their homelands, immigrating to the United States for a better life.

“Cabo” by Technicolor Fabrics

As tempted as we are to fill this playlist with all the fresh new reggaeton and Latin trap songs that have been released within the last couple of months, we wanted to ensure there was a good variety of jams from several genres. “Cabo” is a bouncy indie track from the Mexican band Technicolor Fabrics that will get you dancing.

“3 AM” by Junior Mesa

Junior Mesa’s “3 AM” continues the laid back, indie vibe of the first part of this playlist. We discovered this and other dope tracks over at NPR’s latest Alt.Latino Playlist. “3 AM” puts that insecure feeling of being right next to someone you love but feeling 10,000 miles away perfectly into a song.

“Aerofobia” by Sharlene

Dominican singer, songwriter, and actress Sharlene Taulé also shares her fears about love in her up in the clouds, dreamy song, “Aerofobia.” It’s slow and chill but still has that catchy reggaeton beat you can dance along to.

“Questioning My Mind” by Ambar Lucid

Ambar Lucid is the artist behind this next cool track. “Questioning My Mind,” a bilingual song that also has love, and the trouble it causes internally, as its main theme. Ones to Watch calls the jam “psychedelic,” a “fantasy world,” and “a trip [they] don’t want an escape from.”

“Boogaloo” by Salvador y el Unicornio

Okay, now we’re getting to the point in this playlist where the tempo is going to step up a bit and so will the mood. Salvador y El Unicornio created a song that sounds straight from the 1960s with the super catchy “Boogaloo.” You’ll have the words “tu mi boogaloo” in your head all day!

“Potaje” by CIMAFUNK Ft. Omara Portuondo, Chucho Valdes, Pancho Amat, and La Orquesta Aragon

Time to turn up the party jams. “El Potaje” is the super danceable, happy, and fun song from CIMAFUNK. It melds disco, Afro-Cuban music, and funk to create something that sounds refreshingly new. Yet, it moves back and forth between new and old school, upping its cred with the addition of several Cuban music legends: Omara Portuondo, Chucho Valdes, Pancho Amat, and La Orquesta Aragon.

“La Promesa” by Andres Cepeda and Fonseca

Two Colombian artists — Andres Cepeda and Fonseca — joined forces to give us a wonderful end of year jam. Their song, “La Promesa” reminds us that even if we didn’t achieve everything we wanted to this year, there is always next year, full of wonderful promises. And, like so many joyous Colombian songs, there is plenty of accordions to be heard.

“Ritmo” by Black Eyed Peas Ft. J Balvin

The ’90s — and ’80s — are back in the biggest way right now, influencing everything from fashion to music. This means a lot of sampling and reworking of big hits from those decades. The Black Eyed Peas and J Balvin’s “Ritmo” uses parts of the 1985 dance hit “Rhythm of the Night,” and brings it into the 2010s with fabulous results.

“24/7” by Becky G

We recently wrote on Becky G finally dropping her debut album, Mala Santa and how excited we were to hear her latest work. After dropping the title track of the project as her first single, Becky has released “24/7,” a fire song that is destined to become a hit. It’s safe to say we’re loving Becky G’s new debut album.

“Que Tira Pa’ Lante” by Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee isn’t relinquishing his throne as the King of Reggaeton anytime soon. Especially not with all these hits that the Puerto Rican rapper keeps dropping. “Que Tira Pa’ Lante” is already making waves, no doubt due to its infectious sound, which includes a sample from the reggae classic “Murder She Wrote.” The video, released only three weeks ago on YouTube, already has a whopping 125,262,319 views.

La Mejor Version de Mi (Remix) by Natti Natasha and Romeo Santos

Two iconic Dominican artists — Natti Natasha and Romeo Santos — bring us the musical drama we’ve wanted on this playlist. Their recent troubled love bachata song, the “La Mejor Version de Mi Remix” revolves around a fed-up woman who had to sacrifice the best version of herself for a relationship that just didn’t work out. It’s a jam to sing aloud at the top of your lungs.

“Look At Her Now” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez dropped two singles back to back to surprise her fans after a 4-year hiatus since her last studio album. The first single was the emotional, moment of truth and redemption, “Lose You to Love Me.” The second single is the fabulous aftermath and self-empowerment anthem, “Look At Her Now.”

“Hola (Remix)” by Dalex, Lenny Tavarez, Chencho Corleone, and Dimelo Flow


The remix to “Hola” unites Dalex, Lenny Tavarez, Chencho Corleone, and Dimelo Flow for a catchy and danceable reggaeton song about seeing someone again from your past. The video above features the lyrics to the track, so you can learn it and sing along.

“Aventura” by Lunay, Ozuna, and Anuel AA


The reggaeton vibes continue in this portion of our must-play playlist with “Aventura,” by Lunay, Ozuna, and Anuel AA. Mega collaborations like this allow listeners to experience the best of several artists in one fabulous song — not only their own unique sound but also how they play off each other musically to create something fresh and new.

“Le Lo Lai” by La Doña

This next jam takes us to San Francisco, where Xicana La Doña, a.k.a. Celia Peña-Govea hails from. “Le Lo Lai” mixes languages (English and Spanish) and influences (both Latinx and Bay Area hyphy sounds) to tell a tale about a Latinx feminist’s love escapades.

“Que Pasa” by Projota, Mario Bautista, and Orishas

A lot of selections on this musical roundup are collaborative efforts and justifiably so. Each song is a unique moment where talented artists join forces to create something special. “Que Pasa” brings together Projota, Mario Bautista, and Orishas for a track that is both old school Latin and new school, with lyrics in both Portuguese and Spanish.

“Whine Up” by Nicky Jam and Anuel AA

“Whine Up,” is a Nicky Jam and Anuel AA song that literally tells you to get down and bust a move. It’s such a cheery, party song, dropped just in time for all those holiday parties.

“Ponte Perra” by Pabllo Vittar

Pabllo Vittar, also known as “your favorite drag queen,” is the diva behind one of our favorite new songs, “Ponte Perra.” A solid playlist will always include one (or more) songs that just make you want to dance like there’s no tomorrow, while also embracing your fabulousness — this jam does just that.

“Cuando Quieras Volver” by Brray

We are now at the portion of the new Latin songs playlist where we are going to drop that Latin trap beat. Brray’s “Cuando Quieras Volver” is a breakup jam reminiscent of Ozuna, Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, and Bad Bunny’s “Te Bote.” Bouncy, danceable, but also an empowering moment about self-respect and moving TF on.

“Memoria Rota” by Arcangel and Myke Towers


It’s hard to pinpoint which new jam on this list is catchiest, but Arcangel and Myke Tower’s “Memoria Rota” is a contender. It opens with a classic rock guitar solo — before the beat drops and you get that Latin trap sound — with a story about love that has gone sour.

“FEKA” by De La Ghetto, El Alfa, and Miky Woodz

The momentum is building in our playlist and now we are going to hit you with the big booms. De La Ghetto, El Alfa, and Miky Woodz’s “FEKA” hits so hard that you might just jump out of your seat to dance to it. It’s also hilarious because it calls out fake things (feka is Puerto Rican slang for “fake.”).

“Tu Pensaste” by BB Nobre Ft. Quimico Ultra Mega


What can we say? We love a jam that calls out crappy exes while also sounding great. “Tu Pensaste” by BB Nobre and Quimico Ultra Mega, fits the bill, while also featuring lyrics in both English and Spanish.

“Quizas” by Rich Music LTD, Sech, Dalex, Justin Quiles, Lenny Tavarez, Feid, Wisin, and Zion

In terms of collaborations, “Quizas” is a straight-up party. It features a whopping eight artists: Rich Music LTD, Sech, Dalex, Justin Quiles, Lenny Tavarez, Feid, Wisin, and Zion. Speaking of parties, you’ll want to drop this jam at all those holiday shindigs you have coming up because dancing will result.

“Que Calor” by Major Lazer Ft. J Balvin, El Alfa, and Diplo

J Balvin has proved, time and time again, that his name on a track means it’s going to be fire. Just take this new jam, “Que Calor.” The Major Lazer song, which also features El Alfa, is so infectious. Another Colombian addition to the song that makes it such a winner is the sample you hear of Toto La Momposina’s “Curara.”

“MALA SANTA” by Becky G

Of course, we had to include the first single Becky released from her debut album, Mala Santa. The title track is not only super catchy, but it is a reiteration of an important message to men: women are not all good, or all bad. We are human.

“Bonita” by Juanes and Sebastian Yatra

We are always here for women everywhere being celebrated and being made to feel bonita. Juanes and Sebastian Yatra teamed up to do just that with their song, “Bonita.” With so much negativity in the world, this jam is one of those necessary instant mood-lifters.

“Hasta Que Salga El Sol” by Ozuna

Ozuna is another artist whose every single is destined to become a hit. His latest jam is “Hasta Que Salga El Sol,” which is another song that invites you to stop everything and get to dancing. The cool accompanying video, noted by Rolling Stone, is literally out of this world.

“Mueve La Cadera” by El Alfa “El Jefe” Ft. Kiko El Crazy

We saved the boldest jam for last, a musical bow for this playlist present. “Mueve La Cadera” by El Alfa and Kiko El Crazy is so energetic, and hits so hard, it makes for the perfect high-intensity workout track.

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