30 New Songs By Latinx Artists You Should Be Bumping Right Now

Photo: Ledi Beatz/YouTube

It’s safe to say that music is a gift. It brings people together, helps us heal, makes us dance and never fails to put a smile (or a tear) on our faces. But sometimes music hits a little different when it’s by Latin artists and groups — there’s no doubt about it. When its created by a Latinx artist, it definitely helps us relate it to more and adds more meaning to it as well. Music created by our own community might even help us make more sense of our Latinx experience and identity.

While there are endless classic songs we will always have on rotation, we also love to find the new and latest Latinx songs that’ll add a little more oomph to our playlists.

So without further ado, we just released a quarterly round-up of new Latinx songs that you need to be bumping right now. From reggaeton, salsa, banda, pop, to Latin trap — this playlist has everything. Don’t forget to check out our playlist on Spotify, too!




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