Photo: Instagram/palomija

3 Reasons Why Paloma Elsesser Makes New York Fashion Week Better

We love New York Fashion Week as much as the next person, but as a veteran of fashion week the same looks and the same models can get a little boring. That’s why we are loving how plus-size model Paloma Elsesser was included this season. Elsesser is no stranger to the catwalk, but it feels as if this season she is everywhere and we’re totally here for it. Here’s seven reasons why we’re so excited for Elsesser.

Her biracial beauty is stunning.

Elsesser’s background — born in England, father is Chilean-Swiss and mother is African-American — is very much alive in every one of her photographs. The fact that a biracial model graces the pages of Vogue and is on the catwalk makes fashion so much more interesting. Diversity matters and Elsesser’s look brings that to an otherwise white canvas.

We love seeing fashion on a real body.

Normally, we see Fashion Week as a fancy trip to an art museum. All the clothes are of course incredible, but could we really wear any of it? Not really, especially if you’re a full-figured woman. Seeing Elsesser on the runway, walking in designer clothing actually makes women excited about wearing the clothes. We can’t just depend on Ashley Graham to bring plus-size fashions, we need more! Fashion, when worn by a plus-size model just seems more attainable.

Her look expresses originality.

Everything about Elsesser exudes originality. We’re not sure if it’s her eyes, her pose, or her body language. But everything about the way she does fashion and how she works the camera lures us in to want to know more. No wonder designers love her so much.

We honestly cannot wait to see what else she brings to fashion week. Tell us what you think about Elsesser’s Fashion Week looks in the comment section below!