25 Rare Selena Photos That Serve Up Serious Fashion Inspo

We can’t believe that it has been 25 years since we lost Selena

Selena Leopard print

Photo: Instagram/@quintanillasqueen

We can’t believe that it has been 25 years since we lost Selena. But, it feels like she is more present today than ever. Part of her enduring legacy is her iconic style, which we continue to copy and be inspired by in 2020 (and beyond!). Selena Quintanilla-Perez was a true superstar and part of that is cultivating a stylish, instantly-recognizable image.

This timeless image endures a quarter of a century later. We all have seen her iconic purple jumpsuit, the black bedazzled bustier worn with high-waisted pants and a belt, and her legendary white gown in the “No Me Queda Mas” video. But there are Selena outfits out there that you probably have never seen! Even we were shocked to compile such a big roundup of rare photos, a lot from Instagram accounts @selenaquintanilla_rarepics and @quintanillasqueen, that give us another glimpse at our Queen of Tejano and Cumbia, and more outfits of Selena’s to recreate ASAP!


Ornate Gold and Black Bustier


Selena’s look was all about bustiers that she would buy from stores like Victoria’s Secret and personally decorate with crystals, pearls, fringe, and more. Although we feel like we’ve seen every Selena bustier ever, there’s this beautiful one from a performance. A black bra is taken to a superstar level with the addition of intricate gold and white detail.


’90s Platform Sneakers and Navy Stripes


It’s really cool to see photos and videos of Selena when she wasn’t on stage. It shows us a glimpse of her everyday life and its fabulous outfits. In this photo, where she is catching some quick zs, Selena is wearing ’90s platform sneakers, which are totally back in style today, navy pants, and a navy and white striped top, with a pop of red. A silver bag and hoops complete the casual look.


Red and Black Stripes

Selena Quintanilla-Perez appreciated a mean stripe and rocked it well. This photo was shared on the Selena Quintanilla Fan Page on Instagram by Tomas Sanchez and shows Selena performing at a concert in San Angelo, Texas. In it, she wears a red and black striped leather corset-style top and black leather pants. A black studded belt with some fringe and studded detail on the top add an extra edge for a more rocker-style outfit.


Decorated Leather Bralette


Not all of Selena’s bustiers were in bra form. This leather (or faux leather) bralette gives her a different look from those we have seen before. But, of course, like all her other bustiers, this one is ornately decorated with what appears to be tiny studs in varying colors. Her iconic belt and high-waisted pants, and of course bold jewelry, finish off this Selena ensemble.


Blue Crystal Sweatshirt and Zebra Print

This is a truly rare Selena Quintanilla-Perez look. Where else have you seen her with her hair down and bangs, wearing a sparkly blue sweatshirt, and toting a gold mesh purse and a zebra print jacket? And check out her microphone necklace! It’s a unique Selena outfit we have never seen before now.


Black Embroidered Oversized Blazer


Selena had a number of photoshoots over the years, where she got to wear cool, on-trend, and very-Selena clothing. But we hadn’t seen this gem. In this photo, she is wearing the currently on-trend oversized ’90s blazer, with serious embroidery for an added punch. What appears to be a black turtleneck and leggings, worn with decorated black boots, complete this sleek yet ornate Selena outfit.


3-D Floral Bustier


Another fabulous bustier that no doubt was hand-decorated by Selena is this blooming floral one. So many small 3-D flowers are placed on a bustier to create a spring-perfect look, which also includes a decorated skirt, and a high, ’90s pony. We could easily see the pop stars of today wearing this throwback outfit.


Pearls on Pearls on Pearls


Part of Selena’s style is that she would take everyday pieces and elevate them with added trims, rhinestones, sequins, and pearls. Just take this stylish photo, for example. We’re digging the black cowboy hat, large hoops, and a sleeveless collared shirt (or dress). It was all made more glam with some chic pearl trim.


Butter Yellow ’90s Power Suit


In a rare Selena video, we see her on the news, taking a reporter on a tour of her Selena, Etc. boutique. She looks like such a boss in a fly butter-yellow ’90s power suit, with a single button on the blazer, and a decorative button on the white button-up worn under it. A sleek bun, statement earrings, and white acrylic nails help further the sleek and chic aesthetic of this outfit.


Leopard Print and Black


Sure everyone is wearing leopard print now, but Selena Quintanilla-Perez was rocking the trend back in the 1990s. How cute is this leopard print with the matching belt?! Chic black anchors the fun animal print look, one that could be easily worn today.


White T-Shirt and Overalls


Not all of Selena’s looks were glitz and glam. She had several casual ensembles that still made her stand out, front and center. Just take this classic tee and denim overalls look. So many people have worn it, but no one can wear it like Selena.


Khaki Pants and Orange Top

When you think of a Selena performance look, you instantly picture those flattering, high-waisted black pants, cinched with a wide belt. But we found this cool photo of the queen wearing what looks like a halter cold-shoulder long-sleeved top tucked into a khaki-colored version of these pants. Like so many of Selena’s other outfits, its sleek, striking, yet appears effortless.


Pearl Drop Earrings and Floral Top

A great way to see Selena looks you’ve never seen before it to check out random fan photos. They capture a moment in time that may have not been televised or photographed in a way to make it into mainstream media. These moments warm the hearts of Selena fans everywhere, because, after 25 years, it’s amazing to see that there are still photos and outfits of hers, that we haven’t seen yet. Like this sweet and on-trend (then and now) floral top accented by pearl drop earrings and what we assume are black pants.


Checkered Moto Jacket


Before Cardi B wore a black and white checkered jacket on the cover of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, Selena was rocking the look. She wore a black and white check motorcycle jacket over one of her iconic sparkly bustiers for a cool photoshoot. It’s just more proof that Selena was truly ahead of her time.


Black and Gold Billboard Latin Music Awards Outfit


In 1994, when she won four Billboard Latin Music Awards, Selena Quintanilla-Perez wore this sleek and fun outfit. A black skater dress gets glammed up with gold medallion earrings and choker (Versace, maybe?) and matching gold ankle boots. Young, fresh, yet so elegant.


Hot Pink Bustier


If you think you’ve seen all of Selena’s iconic bustiers, have you seen this hot pink one? We usually don’t see the Queen of Tejano in pink (definitely purple!), so this look is so cool and unexpected. It also features a halter style and bow detail. Of course, though, it’s paired with Selena’s equally iconic high-waisted black pants (and a white button-up for photos with fans).


Cozy Brown Sweater With Matching Leggings


We really doubt there is a look that Selena couldn’t have pulled off. She wore body con outfits with ease and style, but also knew how to rock a cozy oversized sweater and matching leggings for a stylish outfit. Check out this taped interview for the ensemble, but stay for the interview answers!


Selena’s ’90s Marilyn Monroe Moment


She may have been known as the Mexican Madonna, but Selena also had her Marilyn Monroe moment in this white halter dress. Not wanting to look like anyone but herself though, she modernized the look with a matching white ’90s hair accessory.


Black Sequin Jumpsuit

Selena Quintanilla-Perez is one of the reasons we love jumpsuits so much. She rocked the heck out of them and made them look effortless, sexy, and chic. We’ve seen her in purple, blue, and green jumpsuits, but hadn’t seen this sleek black one!


Leopard Print Vest

Another Selena look you may not have seen is this stylish leopard print vest outfit with what looks like black pants and a gold medallion belt. It was taken by Jose H Rios Jr and is among the many priceless rare Selena photos you’ll see posted on the @selenaquintanilla_rarepics Instagram account.


White T-Shirt, Jeans, and a Gold Statement Belt

Selena could make a white T-shirt and jeans look next level. Not only because of her fabulous figure but also because of how she would accessorize her looks. Any outfit was paired with flawless glam makeup, perfect hair, and bold accessories. Like this statement belt!


Black Bustier with Netting

Selena also knew how to take a pretty bra, or bustier, and also elevate it to an entirely different level. This black one features netting and teardrop crystals that help create a cool performance outfit. This is yet another Selena ensemble we hadn’t previously seen.


Oversized Grey Satin Shirt and Black Bustier


Alma Duran captured this rare Selena performance moment. It shows the Queen of Tejano and Cumbia singing during the last concert she did in Laredo, Texas. It also proves that Selena not only had her own style but knew and wore the latest trends. In these pics, she is sporting the very ’90s satin shirt, opened to reveal a black bra.


Black Beaded and Mesh Dress

Selena loved some great beading, and mesh to show some skin. We’ve seen it in so many of her iconic looks, as well as in this rare candid photo of her on the dance floor. We only wish we could see the front and bottom of this fabulous dress better!


Red Floral Bustier

How spring-worthy is this rarely-seen red floral bustier? Selena wore it during a performance and luckily, a fan captured the stylish moment of all time.

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