The Self-Care Playlist We All Need to Listen to Right Now

40311912 – pretty brunette relaxing on the couch at home in the living room

We are living in a time when success is measured by how many things you can do at the same time, and how much you can cram into your 24-hour day. As a result, we are overwhelmed, disconnected from each other, and exhausted. We only wish that relaxation, disconnecting, taking some time to do nothing, and self-care was pushed as hard as always being busy. Thankfully, there are smart voices out there reminding us that we need to chill out sometimes and replenish physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally before we can do anything. Now it’s time to spread the word.

One way we can center ourselves and get our minds right is by listening to some chill yet uplifting music. The kind that relaxes while also empowering. Music heals and in an effort to help you live your best and happiest life, we put together this feel-good playlist. Check it out and enjoy!





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