The Self-Care Playlist We All Need to Listen to Right Now

We are living in a time when success is measured by how many things you can do at the same time, and how much you can cram into your 24-hour day

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We are living in a time when success is measured by how many things you can do at the same time, and how much you can cram into your 24-hour day. As a result, we are overwhelmed, disconnected from each other, and exhausted. We only wish that relaxation, disconnecting, taking some time to do nothing, and self-care was pushed as hard as always being busy. Thankfully, there are smart voices out there reminding us that we need to chill out sometimes and replenish physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally before we can do anything. Now it’s time to spread the word.

One way we can center ourselves and get our minds right is by listening to some chill yet uplifting music. The kind that relaxes while also empowering. Music heals and in an effort to help you live your best and happiest life, we put together this feel-good playlist. Check it out and enjoy!


“Girl From Impanema,” Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz

You probably know the melody or even some of the words to the iconic song “Girl from Ipanema.” Astrud Gilberto’s classic was released in 1963 and became a worldwide hit. Part of its appeal is its soothing and relaxing ’60s bossa nova jazz sound.

“Tall and tan and young and lovely,
The girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes, “Aaah…”

When she walks, she’s like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gently
That when she passes, each one she passes goes, “Aaah…'”


“Imunização Racional (Que Beleza),” Tim Maia

The iconic Afro-Brazilian artist Tim Maia left the world with so much music, including “Que Beleza,” his classic funk-soul jam about spirituality and how beautiful life is.

“How beautiful to know your name
Your origin, your past and your future
How beautiful to face the disenchantment
And to be able to see more clearly in the dark”


“Three Little Birds,” Bob Marley

Bob Marley is automatically one of the artists people put on when they want to relax and feel positive. And “Three Little Birds” may be one of his most best-loved, most positive songs.

“Don’t worry about a thing
Cause every little thing is gonna be alright
Singing: “Don’t worry about a thing
Cause every little thing is gonna be alright!”


Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season),” The Byrds

Music has the ability to not only relax us with its soothing sounds but lyrics also help us to heal and relax. The Byrds’ classic hit, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” takes its words directly from the Bible.

“To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven
A time to build up, a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together”


“Here Comes The Sun,” The Beatles

The Beatles have written and performed their fair share of zen yet encouraging and inspiring songs. “Here Comes the Sun,” released in 1969, reminds us that no matter what happens right now, when you see tomorrow, with it comes the promise of a sunnier day.

“Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes”


“Let It Be,” The Beatles

Another iconic Beatles song that serves as inspiration for millions of people is “Let it Be.” It reminds us to chill, and let go and let God because there will always be an answer.

“And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, let it be
I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be”


“Es Por Ti,” Juanes

Colombian rocker Juanes also has some sentimental, chill songs up his lyrical sleeve. One great option is his 2002 love jam “Es Por Ti.”

“And it ‘s thanks to you
That my heart beats
And it ‘s thanks to you
That my eyes sparkle today
And it ‘s thanks to you
That I talk about love again
And it ‘s thanks to you
That my pain is soothed”


“Confidently Lost,” Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio’s song “Confidently Lost,” reminds us that it’s OK to not know where you’re going or where you’re at, at this precise time. It’s all about the journey, m’ijas.

“I’m alone but I’m not lonely
Comfortably indulging
And trying to get to know me
I’m just an outline of what I used to be
Constantly evolving
Steadily revolving
I am confidently lost
I don’t need you to find me
You don’t define me”


“Frequency,” Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko’s voice is so soothing and ethereal in and of itself, no matter what words she is singing. But she also has songs with meaning, that you’ll gain inspiration and wisdom from. One such jam is “Frequency.”

“Oh, free my city, free my seed
Bless my situation, show me love
Bless the generation, let them know
Know that you love
Know that there’s love

Never far
We are never far”


“Rose in Harlem,” Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is all about being a fierce, empowered woman. Her song, “Rose in Harlem” speaks the truth about life being hard, being deceived by some of those closest to you, and strongly succeeding nonetheless.

“Grew out the concrete
(A rose in Harlem) You know it ain’t sweet
(A rose in Harlem) Can’t tell me any any any anything
Been through more than a lil’ bit
Been through more than a lil’ bit
But I ain’t callin’ no names out
No, no free promotions
If it ain’t ’bout blessings
I can’t even address it
I just bought my third house
No album out and I got ’em asking
“What do she do?” I do everything
I move everything”


“Perfect Day,” Jim Jones

As we all know, rap music isn’t just about shouting out riches, drama, and being hardcore. Jim Jones proved this with his 2011 feel-good bop “Perfect Day.”

“We could be anywhere in the world
But we right here
We gon’ be right here
For this perfect day
Got me thinking ’bout a perfect day

My perfect day
No work today
Got me thinking ’bout the breeze when the sun gets hot
On a water surface play”


“Let It Flow,” Toni Braxton

Off the fantastic Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, “Let It Flow” is Toni Braxton’s ode to releasing your current negative situation and just letting things flow.

“Ain’t nobody gonna love you like you are
If you take whatever he brings your way
You see the thing of it
Is we deserve respect
But we can’t demand respect without change
There comes a time when we must go our own way
Just let go
And let it flow, let it flow, let it flow
Everything’s gonna work out right you know”


“I Can See Clearly Now,” Jimmy Cliff

“I Can See Clearly Now” is a classic jam, recorded by Johnny Nash, Jimmy Cliff, and other artists, that speaks to the joy of moving through a sad moment in life, and coming out triumphant and joyous on the other side.

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.
I think I can make it now, the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I’ve been prayin’ for
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.
Look all around, there’s nothin’ but blue skies
Look straight ahead, nothin’ but blue skies”


“Good As Hell,” Lizzo

Lizzo has quickly become the badass voice of feminism, body positivity, and positive vibes that we’ve been needing lately. Her song “Good As Hell” is the anthem for when you need to realize and embrace that you are 100% fabulous, with or without a guy.

“Woo girl, need to kick off your shoes
Got to take a deep breath, time to focus on you
All the big fights, long nights that you been through
I got a bottle of Tequila I been saving for you
Boss up and change your life
You can have it all, no sacrifice”


“Golden,” Jill Scott

Jill Scott’s “Golden” inspires us to live our life happily, while embracing our freedom, and consciously making the choice to always be positive.

“I’m taking my own freedom, putting it in my song
singing loud and strong, groovin all day long
I’m taking my own freedom, putting it in my stroll
I’ll be high stepping y’all, letting the joy unfold
I’m living my life like its golden”


“You Gotta Be (’99 Mix),” Des’ree

Des’ree’s 1994 hit “You Gotta Be” not only has a chill sound, but it is also chock-full of wise life advice. That’s why we had to include the ’90s throwback on this zen yet empowering playlist.

“You gotta be
You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
You gotta stay together
All I know, all I know, love will save the day”


“Unwritten,” Natasha Bedingfield

Another empowering song that has a sunny spin to it is Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten.” It puts into song form the fact that life is a journey, that each day is a new beginning, an opportunity to start fresh. That this life is your book to write.

“No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten”


“On & On,” Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu has been schooling us on being a badass woman for decades, and her songs have been known to be both empowering and relaxing. “On & On” may be her biggest hit, and just puts you in a zen mood while also dropping knowledge.

“Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learn,
If your knowledge were your wealth then it will be well earn…

The man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all”


“Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat),” Digable Planets

There’s nothing like ’90s Hip-Hop to chill you out, while also making you think. Digable Planets had everyone saying they were “cool like that,” with their smooth, Grammy-winning 1992 hit, “The Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like That).”

“The poobah of the styles like Miles and shit
Like sixties funky worms with waves and perms
Just sendin’ chunky rhythms right down ya block
We be to rap what key be to lock
I’m cool like dat
I’m cool, I’m cool”


“Everything Is Everything,” Lauryn Hill

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is one of the best albums of all time. You could press play and just veg out listening to the whole thing and be happy. But one of the songs that jumps out at you as being chill and inspiring is “Everything Is Everything.”

“Sometimes it seems
We’ll touch that dream
But things come slow or not at all
And the ones on top, won’t make it stop
So convinced that they might fall
Let’s love ourselves and we can’t fail
To make a better situation”


“Keep On Moving,” Soul II Soul

No matter what happens, life is all about putting one foot in front of the other and keeping it moving, happily. If you want to hear this truth in cool song form, then press play on Soul II Soul’s 1989 jam “Keep On Moving.”

“I know the time, time today
Walking alone in my own way
Extremely cold and rainy day
Friends and I have fun along the way
Yes we do, yeah
I hide myself from no one
I know the time will really come when
You’ll be in my life, my life always
Yellow is the color of sunrays
don’t stop
Keep on moving, don’t stop no (Like the hands of time)
Keep on moving (click clock)
(Find your own way to stay) keep on moving
The time will come one day”


“Lovely Day,” Bill Withers

Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” is literally the permission you need to always have an amazing 24 hours. Just put it on first thing in the morning and let that be your mindset, energy, and intention for the day. If you’re not in love (or even if you are), look in the mirror and love yourself enough to be your own motivation!

“When I wake up in the morning, love
And the sunlight hurts my eyes
And something without warning, love
Bears heavy on my mind
Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be
A lovely day”


“Fly Like An Eagle,” Seal

“Fly Like An Eagle” is a song originally recorded by the Steve Miller Band, in 1976. Twenty years later, Seal put his twist on the classic for the Space Jam soundtrack. Either version is great for relaxing, letting yourself go, planning to better the world and allowing yourself to fly.

“I want to feed the babies
Who can’t get enough to eat
I want to shoe the children
New shoes on their feet
I want to house the people
Living in the street
Oh, there
There’s a solution
I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly (oh, yeah)
Fly right into the future”


“A Change is Gonna Come,” Sam Cooke

Change is what we are hoping for in this political climate, with what is happening to our people, and what is happening all over the world. We are always praying and peacefully fighting for positive change — every day. An anthem to help us keep our heads up (in addition to Tupac’s “Keep Your Head Up”), and keep moving forward with hope is Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come.”

“There have been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
But now I think I’m able to carry on
It’s been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change is gonna come, oh yes it will”


“Rise Up,” Andra Day

Life can knock us to our feet, time and time again. But the beauty comes from getting up after each and every one of those times and coming out better than ever. Andra Day encourages us to hold on and get ready to win in her song “Rise Up.”

“You’re broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry go round
And you can’t find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains
And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again”

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