30 Trending Short Haircuts to Rock This Spring

Spring is almost here and with it comes colorful blooms, birds chirping in trees, and warmer weather

Photo: Unsplash/@danielapodaca96

Photo: Unsplash/@danielapodaca96

Spring is almost here and with it comes colorful blooms, birds chirping in trees, and warmer weather. Then come those fun days of summer, when we bask in the sunshine, head to the beach or pool, enjoy the warm heat along and covet short haircuts! Lots of us don’t want to head into much warmer weather with long, heavy hair that makes you sweat a ton.

Sure, some people think super long locks are the only way to have beautiful and look feminine but we all know that’s just a superficial association that’s old fashion and tired. We’re reclaiming short hair for the sexy, fierce vibes it gives us and the attitude it embodies. Plus, it’s just so much fun to change up our hairstyles and keep up with the latest and greatest hair trends!

We get you, and we got you so we perused Instagram, the top style publications, and knowledgeable stylists to find the top short haircuts that will make you want to make the big chop.

Modern ‘Fro

The Afro, a hairstyle which creates a majestic halo of voluminous hair, personified the 1970s. It has never really gone away, but rather has been reworked in different, more modern ways (hello, ’90s Afro puffs). The latest iteration of the ‘fro features cool, geometric angling, and truly unique cuts/styles which are tailored to each individual wearer. While there are newer versions of the Afro, there are also those women and men who like to rock the traditional, ’70s style. What’s great about this haircut is that you can wear your curls in a variety of lengths, depending on the products you use, and the use of stretching and heat. You can also make your curls more or less defined, depending on your mood, and sweep your ‘fro into cute styles like the pineapple.

wp_*postsLong Textured Pixie

Ok, so you’ve been rocking the on-trend bob for a few seasons. But, you want something else, something shorter, especially when the weather warms up. But you don’t want to limit your styling options or lose too much length. You also want to highlight the dope texture of your hair. We have a solution! The textured bob is it! It allows you to cut the back short (no sweaty hair on the back of your head!) and still have length and texture on the top. What’s great about this cut is that you can add as many, or a few layers in it as you want/what looks best on you. Because of this, two ladies can have textured bobs, but they can look completely different!

wp_*postsCurtain Bangs

While I love to see how hair gets reinvented from season to season, there’s nothing like embracing the beautiful tried-and-true haircuts of the past. The ones our tias, mamas, and abuelitas rocked, as well as our some of our fave all-time style icons. They looked great then, and they look great now. Just take curtain bangs, for example. The groovy, vintage 1960s and ’70s bangs are a major trend for 2019. These bangs are softer and less of a commitment than blunt bangs and add something extra to short and long hair. This is another cut that can be customized to your hair type and thickness, as well as your face shape.


Yes, blunt-cut bobs, lobs, and hair of other lengths are still going to be in for 2019, but layers are also back in a big way. They instantly add movement and volume to even the straightest hair and adds some edge and stylish messiness to the more polished all-one-length hair. Throw in a few layers or a lot! This is something you can completely customize with your stylist. Your face shape, hair thickness, and hair type should all be taken into consideration. When you cut layers, your hair will look bigger in terms of volume, but not as thick as a blunt cut.

wp_*postsStraight Lob

Lobs have proven so popular because they truly offer the best of both worlds. You have a cut short enough to fit into the bob category–short, sleek, chic. But then, you have enough length to really play with waves, curls, and put your hair up in a variety of easy and cute styles (ponytail, half ponytail, half topknot, etc.) Well, these versatile lobs aren’t going anywhere for 2019, as they are part of the big trends for hair for the year. And, like the traditional bob, we don’t see the lob truly ever fully going out of style, as it is a classic, timeless hairstyle.

wp_*postsSuper Short Pixie

How daring do you plan to be with your spring/summer chop? A few inches of length, or a short, close crop? The short pixie is another haircut which is a true classic, and redone decade after decade (think Lola Falana and Mia Farrow in the ’60s and ’70s, Halle Berry in the ’90s and beyond, and Zoe Kravitz recently.) It just really puts the spotlight on the eyes and face and highlights a beauty who doesn’t need long hair to feel pretty or feminine. It’s also a major time saver in terms of styling and will keep you cool, and having you look cool when the temperatures rise outside.

wp_*postsCurly Bob with Bangs

I was just having this discussion with my Titi. The latest wavy and curly bobs with bangs look so effortless because the texture of the bangs blend in with the rest of the hair. I have always straightened my bangs when sporting a layered, wavy style, and sometimes it can look too disjointed and unnatural. Wavy or curly bangs also create a pretty halo frame along with the rest of the hair, around the face. This really makes your face center stage, although if the cut is rad enough, people will also be noticing your gorgeous waves or curls.

wp_*postsModern Shag

Bring on all the retro haircuts (well, the great ones, at least)! We are here for them! The modern shag takes the layered cut from the ’70s and brings it into the ’10s. This style, when done right, will bring the best out of your hair’s natural texture. Curls will bounce, waves will slink, and it will all look effortless and messy–in the best way possible. You can add in blunt bangs, or curtain bangs to add more interest and framing around the eyes. This is meant to be a low-maintenance cut that works with your hair, instead of against it.

wp_*postsFrench Bob

French style is known for being very chic, timeless, and effortless. It is meant to look like you don’t care, when we really do. The French girl bob haircut is a great example of this. It’s an obvious cut, but the messiness and styling is soft, pretty, and just has that je ne sais quoi it factor. There are several different versions you can consider: chin length or longer; straight or wavy; some layers or none; wavy bangs, straight bangs, or none at all. And it’s a style that is easy to change up with your mood; wear it straight one day, or let it do its natural thing on another (if your hair isn’t straight)

wp_*postsCurly Pixie

Curly-haired gals might be scared to go super short. Will the curls be unmanageable? Will the style make you lose the curl you have (i.e hair that is straighter nearer the scalp)? Will the style look wrong, or not look the same once I wash and style at home? All these concerns are valid, and a hair stylist who really knows and works with curls will be able to address them, and others. One that doesn’t will give you a haircut you’ll have nightmares about. A perfect example of an epic haircut is this gorgeous super-curly crop cut. The curls really shine (literally and figuratively!).

wp_*postsChin-Length Bob

Bobs are classic, but they are having a major moment lately. Women who have grown their hair out for years are rushing to get a big and bold chop. Thankfully, they don’t seem to be going anywhere trend-wise, at least for 2019. There are several versions that are in style–one of these is the chin-length bob. With this length, you should still be able to pull it back into a low ponytail or chignon, which gives you a short new ‘do, with other styling options. This length also lends itself to highlighting pretty waves and curls, and also looks fab curled under into a sleek bob, or stick straight.

wp_*postsLong, Wispy Layers

There was a time where layers in your hair would make you look out of style and dated. But, like with a lot of other huge fashion and beauty trends, the ’90s are back with a vengeance. Layers are in, but besides being on-trend, they give your hair body, movement, and releases any weighted pressure on curls and waves. This leads to bigger hair, and a style that emphasizes your texture, instead of stretching out your God-given rizos. Layers are not “one size fits all.” Make sure your stylist knows which layers will make your hair and face look its best.

wp_*postsThe Rezo Cut

Thankfully, there has been a movement towards unique, individual cuts for women. You can have the similar hair to someone else, but a cut that looks good on them may not look good on you. You may have a different face shape, thickness of hair, or may want to highlight different features, like your eyes or cheekbones. Cuts like the Rezo cut are meant to be unique for each wearer. It’s similar to a DevaCut, in that it focuses on curls, but the Rezo “maintains an even length all around your head,” allowing you to allow wear the style straight.

wp_*postsShort Stacked Bob

All-one-length bobs are definitely a thing now, but we will see more stacked bobs in 2019 (it seems that all the ’90s trends are back!). A stacked bob is shorter in the back with gradual layers, and longer in the front. It is a cut that provides a chic, angled look. It’s good for warm weather if you don’t want too much hair on your neck when it gets warmer outside. This is also a style that looks fab straight, wavy, or curly, so you won’t feel forced to constantly straighten it (and can rock it in a variety of ways).

wp_*postsCurly Shag

We mentioned that the shag is back, and better than ever. There are so many different ways to wear this, and one of the is curly. The various layers cut into this style allow the curls to bounce in all their glory, and when bangs are added, it creates a voluminous halo effect that really makes eyes, cheekbones, and the rest of the face pop. No more curls stretched by the weight of the hair. Now it is all about major volume and springy curls. If you don’t want as much volume, you can tone down the number of layers/adjust their placement.

wp_*postsBuzz Cut


Sometimes, you want to go to the extreme. What better cut for this than a buzz cut? It is so edgy and bold, and yet effortless, no? The cut also practically eliminates your need for tons of shampoo, conditioner, and styling product. No other cut will highlight a gorgeous face and perfectly-shaped head. It is also a middle finger to the notion that pretty, feminine girls have to have long hair–or hair at all. A buzz cut also makes it a breeze to bleach your hair, and then dye it all kinds of colors. No need to worry about hair damage!

wp_*postsPixie with Shaved Sides

Ok, you may not want to shave your entire head (we get it), but a way to experience the edgy badassness of it all is to have one, two, or three shaved sides. Then, the rest of your hair can be in a pixie. You can have the rest a little bit longer, or a lot more longer. The more length you leave on the top, the more options you will have for curls, waves, and various styles. But maybe you just want an easy breezy cut for the spring and summer. This edgier sister of the pixie is a great choice.

wp_*postsBangs with Face-Framing Layers

You may have a cut you like that just needs a little update. I have been rocking a blunt, ’90s bob for a bit, but always go back to having bangs (I recently snipped my bangs myself). The addition of bangs will instantly give an existing short cut a whole new look. Add in some face-framing layers and you are automatically softening the face, knocking years off your real age, and covering up any forehead wrinkles in the process (amen!). It is also a way to be on-trend with the latest hair trends for 2019. Wear your hair wavy and/or curly for even more of-the-moment style.

wp_*posts’90s Blunt Bob


Trends from the 1990s are just as in style today as they were twenty years ago. Makeup, clothing, and beauty all are taking their inspiration from the decade of In Living Color (where we first met J-Lo), Poetic Justice, and Clueless. One of the biggest and longest-lasting trends that is back and better than ever is the ’90s blunt bob haircut. It is such a simple cut that is essentially foolproof. It’s all-one-length, which will make your hair look thicker than if you had layers. It looks chic stick straight, with waves or curls, and with hair tucked behind one or both ears. It’s back because the ’90s bob is a classic that works.

wp_*postsClassic Pixie

Another classic that had some shine in the ’90s is the traditional pixie. An icon of this haircut is the flawless Halle Berry. The cut is short, but has longer length on the top of the head, giving the cut a feminine-yet-edgy look. It’s great if you want a big change, and a style that doesn’t take forever to style (we are thinking of you busy moms, business women, and gals who multitask everyday!). You can customize the cut for your face shape, hair texture, and thickness, and have as much, or as little length on the top as you prefer.

wp_*postsCurly Crop

The coolest haircuts we’ve been seeing this year are voluminous, edgy, cool, and gloriously messy. They are so cool, because they look effortless, and work perfectly with the curls of the wearer. The curly crop is long where it needs to be, and short everywhere else. You don’t have to sacrifice your curls, volume, and all the things which make your hair rad when you’re going short. In fact, having so many curls in a contained space, around your face, highlights them more. They aren’t weighed down, but instead, are springy and free to move wherever they want. It’s a cut perfect for a transition from winter into spring and summer.

wp_*postsBlunt Bangs

Stop thinking blunt bangs are just for kids, and Zooey Deschanel. Blunt bangs instantly change your hairstyle, make you look much younger, put the focus right on your eyes, and hide any hairline issues and/or wrinkles on your forehead. They keep coming back because, frankly, their cute, stylish, and have had a part in the beauty trends of so many decades. Just the addition of bangs will change up an existing cut, and you can play with the length of the fringe for different effects. You will see bangs as part of several different haircut trends for the year (as well as being a trend on their own).

wp_*postsDevacut Lob

On Instagram (the photo book of all things cool), there are currently 140,609 photos under the hashtag DevaCut. The haircut, from the geniuses over at the Devachan salon, is specifically tailored to curly hair. But not just anyone’s curly hair, but your curly hair. You see, the DevaCut is a curly cut that is uniquely tailored to each client and their curls. The hair is cut “dry and in its natural state,” so the stylist can really see each curl, how they are currently placed and envision what the final style will look like. Before and after photos of DevaCuts show how bouncier, healthier, shinier, and more voluminous curls can get with the perfect cut.

wp_*postsShort Shaggy Bob

We live for haircuts which take the best elements of several different cuts and meld them into one powerhouse style. The cut pictured here could be described as part bob, part shag, and maybe even part pixie. Together, it makes for a style that is adorable, stylish, and looks completely effortless. If your hair is wavy or curly, a short shaggy bob will allow your waves or curls to really pop, and frame your face. If your hair is straight, all these layers will be your hair more bounce and volume. Of course, you could style this sleek and go for an intentional look, but the shaggy bob really is made for a messy, scrunched, I don’t care (but I do) approach.

wp_*postsGrown-Out Pixie

One of the cuts that InStyle had on its “The 6 Haircuts That’ll Define 2019” list is the grown-out pixie. It looks like it sounds, a pixie cut that looks like it has been allowed to grow out a bit. It is short on the sides and back, and the layers on top and in the front are long and “choppy.” The result is relaxed, cool, and again effortless (we see another trend in these slides–effortless hair for 2019!). It is also easier to grow out into a bob, should you want to, because it’s longer than the traditional pixie.

wp_*postsCool Retro Bowl Cut

There are the less-obvious, effortless, and easy breezy haircuts of 2019, but there is one which is way more intentional and bold. We are talking about the retro-gone-modern bowl haircut. You may instantly get a visual of cheesy throwback haircuts that many a child has sported, but this bowl haircut is way cooler. It’s edgy, a different option if you want something fresh and different from a pixie, and can be customized according to your style. You can go for a softer, less bowl-like version of the cut, or can go all punk and get a severe bowl style, with shaved sides and back.

wp_*postsPersonalized Cuts

How many times have you taken a torn-out magazine page, or a screenshot of a hairstyle you love, only to get a cut which looks horrible on you? But it looked great on the person in the photo! Why?! Because it was a good cut, but just not the cut for you (much like dating advice, no?). Thankfully, cuts meant to make your particular hair look and act its best are on the rise. We have the DevaCut, the Rezo Cut, the JazCut, and many more. With them, you know that your stylist is really focusing on you and your hair, instead of giving you a cookie-cutter hairstyle.

wp_*postsTriangle Cut

A triangle cut sounds like something you’d want to avoid if you have curls, but it’s actually one of the best cuts for rizos. According to Allure magazine, “the angled shape avoids flatness at the roots while booming with fro goodness.” It’s a great style, that delivers major volume, and gives the curls the freedom that they need. We also are noticing the fantastic throwback ’70s vibes this cut is giving off, and love it. In fact, many of the styles that are on-trend this year are the perfect balance between what worked well in the past, and modern updates.

wp_*postsInverted Bob

What’s great about bobs is that you can pick the perfect one for you. Super short at the cheekbones, or an uber-long lob. Layers or all-one-length. Straight across at the bottom, or how about an angled, inverted bob? The latter gives you the classic bob, but with a sharp angle that makes your hair look sleek and futuristic. This looks great on stick straight hair, as it gives it movement without trying and offers something different from the usual. But fear not, those with waves and curls. Inverted bobs also look cool on you as well! They’re great for those who want a bob with a little extra oomph.

wp_*postsTextured Edgy Bob

Coveteur humorously said that texture in a bob was the “key to having a non-mom bob.” We’ll have to agree. Some of the best bobs lately have had really cool texture to them, achieved by expert layering and product meant to bring out those subtle layers. If you get the right stylist who knows how to bring out the best in your hair, you will have personalized layers in the right places. This will make your curls bounce, your waves wave, and the entire look modern, effortless, and totally on-trend. Like the other bobs, feel free to add in bangs (blunt, side-swept, choppy, curtain, or whatever you prefer!) for added interest.

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