30 Trending Short Haircuts to Rock This Spring

Photo: @jackiecruz/Instagram

Spring is almost here and with it comes colorful blooms, birds chirping in trees, and warmer weather. Then come those fun days of summer, when we bask in the sunshine, head to the beach or pool, enjoy the warm heat along and covet short haircuts! Lots of us don’t want to head into much warmer weather with long, heavy hair that makes you sweat a ton.

Sure, some people think super long locks are the only way to have beautiful and look feminine but we all know that’s just a superficial association that’s old fashion and tired. We’re reclaiming short hair for the sexy, fierce vibes it gives us and the attitude it embodies. Plus, it’s just so much fun to change up our hairstyles and keep up with the latest and greatest hair trends!

We get you, and we got you so we perused Instagram, the top style publications, and knowledgeable stylists to find the top short haircuts that will make you want to make the big chop.

Modern ‘Fro

The Afro, a hairstyle which creates a majestic halo of voluminous hair, personified the 1970s. It has never really gone away, but rather has been reworked in different, more modern ways (hello, ’90s Afro puffs). The latest iteration of the ‘fro features cool, geometric angling, and truly unique cuts/styles which are tailored to each individual wearer. While there are newer versions of the Afro, there are also those women and men who like to rock the traditional, ’70s style. What’s great about this haircut is that you can wear your curls in a variety of lengths, depending on the products you use, and the use of stretching and heat. You can also make your curls more or less defined, depending on your mood, and sweep your ‘fro into cute styles like the pineapple.




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