Astrologer Esoteric Esa Goes Through All the Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

Caught wind of the term Twin Flame and curious as to what it represents? Your intuition led you to the right place

Twin Flame Signs

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Caught wind of the term Twin Flame and curious as to what it represents? Your intuition led you to the right place. You are likely wondering what a Twin Flame is and if you’ve found your Twin counterpart. We’re going to cover the basics and obvious signs you can use to determine whether you’ve found your sacred counterpart. Before we get started I’d like to provide some context as to my expertise in this field. I am a Twin Flame Coach who specializes in Twin Flame Healing and Identification. The following indications are based on my personal data mining as a direct result of working with Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Twins on their journey to awareness.

The entire concept of the Twin Flame journey is rooted in coming into union with yourself through the continuous embodiment of self-love that one’s Twin mirrors through the process of what’s called, shadow work. Ultimately, self-love is the key to becoming whole and not the false narrative that a Twin completes you. Continue reading on to better understand if you’ve met your Twin Flame and for an exclusive self-love ritual I curated for you.

Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

You might not be attracted to them instantly. In fact, it is pretty common to meet your Twin Flame “at the wrong time.” When the timing is off because you’re living your life in what feels like alignment at that time, but then your twin shows up to shake things up and hopefully awaken you to your truth.
You might or might be physically attracted to them immediately. But what you do know is that you cannot help but feel drawn to this individual and vice versa. There will be an insane energetic attraction that will spark curiosity of one another.

It is not uncommon for Twins to already be in different relationships or even marriage with a soulmate. You or your twin don’t have to be single to meet in this lifetime. Every Twin pair will have a different journey and purpose. All Twins essentially have a divine purpose together. That can range from having children or working together in business.

You can go years being aware you are a twin or feeling as if you identify as a twin before you truly meet your Twin Flame. That’s because you do not meet in this lifetime until the more conscious, spiritually aligned and awakened twin starts walking their true life purpose. Oftentimes you will meet your twin once you start following your truth. It’s a pull that then triggers your twin to make their way into your path to further propel you into identifying anything else that isn’t in alignment with your truth.

Majority of twins won’t have anything in common, yet have many similarities. It’s a bizarre paradox. You and your twin might come from completely different backgrounds, cultures, religion or upbringing. Yet, might have experienced similar traumas and experiences. This is where you start identifying the yin and yang process that you and your twin mirror to one another.

Age differences or not uncommon between Twins. Sometimes the age gap is pretty significant.
Yes, there are same gender and non-binary Twin Flames. No matter your gender association, one Twin will usually embody more of the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine energy in the connection. Twin Flame connections are not restricted to Cisgender relationships.

Immediately after the initial meeting of Twins you will be pulled apart by unexplainable and unforeseen circumstances. Maybe one Twin moves or has to travel away for long periods of time. This happens in order to trigger the famous “runner/chaser” dynamic.

No matter what, you always feel called back to one another and find yourself reconnecting by divine timing or “luck.” The magnetic pull is undeniable between both Twins.

You will see your Twin in your dreams before or after you realize this individual is your Twin. Connecting in dreams is what we call 5D (fifth dimension) communication.

You will Telepathically communicate with one another and notice a plethora of synchronicities that remind you of your Twin. You might start seeing their initials everywhere or their date of birth on license plates or receipts. It will start to trip you out and you might think you’re going crazy. This is due to both Twins thinking of each other constantly. So much so, that they start sending signs to one another to remind each other that, although they might not be in union, they are always connected Astrally.

You might be seeing 1111 and 222, which are notoriously known for being Twin Flame number sequences.
It’s worth noting that not all Twins come into union (a relationship) this lifetime. Many Twins stay stuck in their fears and traumas, which creates the runner/chaser dynamic of one Twin constantly chaser the other. However, the runner/chaser dynamic can teeter between either Twin. Also, not everyone is a Twin.
There are also False Twins that are usually karmic soulmates. It’s important to note that your Twin Flame will never purposely hurt you, manipulate you, physically or psychologically harm you. Your Twin Flame will not be a narcissist or ever gaslight you. Twin Flame Counterparts will be loving and do their best to be honest. Please note that if you’re in an abusive or manipulative relationship you can seek assistance at The Domestic Violence Hotline, please know you are never alone and are worthy of receiving the support you need.

Regardless if you end up in a relationship with your Twin or not, the emphasis of the journey is to accept yourself wholly and love yourself unconditionally before you can do so for another individual. Your Twin doesn’t make you whole. You are whole through your own understanding of self. Your Twin is simply an extension of your Spirit and no matter what, you will always be connected in the heart space.

Curious to confirm if you are a Twin and whether you’ve met a False Twin or not? You can book a session with me. Where we look at your Twin ring and your Chakra system. Twins have individual Chakras, but also share a Chakra system and a Twin ring that helps identify where you’re at in your journey towards healing and union.

Below is a self-love ritual I recommend if you identify as a Twin Flame or if you’re simply seeking to further connect with your inner Empress/Emperor. You can perform this ritual for Valentine’s Day to manifest a deeper connection with your soul, which ultimately assists with manifesting healthy lovers via soulmate or Twin Flame. Enjoy.

Self-love Ritual

Items Needed:

Pen and Paper
Pink or Red Candle (one candle)
One avocado
Two red apples (or Gala apples)
7 Pistachios
One bouquet of white, pink or red flowers
Rose quartz crystal (as many or as few as you’d like) One will suffice
Performing this Ritual on a Friday is optimal as that is the day ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of love and romance. However, you can do this ritual at any time of day or whenever it is practically convenient for you.


Write an intention of what you wish to invoke through the assistance of Venus in terms of how to come deeper into acceptance of your loving self. What are some ways you can show up for yourself better? How can you love your body better? What are some things you wish to release and transmute that you falsely believe about yourself that aren’t healthy?
Take time in isolation and sit in reflection with your pen and paper writing out all your beautiful attributes.
After your writing session, set up a private altar space. This will be a sacred space for yourself and do not let anyone touch or mess up this space. It is up to you to let others see it or not. As long as they’re not going to inflict negative beliefs onto your sacred space, then it should be fine.
In this private altar space set up your candle. Light your candle and recite your intention and petition it to Venus.

Place your crystal(s) around or near your candle.
Offer the apples, avocado and pistachios to your higher self and Venus as an energy exchange to invoke your self-love intention. Why these food items? They are all part of the Venus planetary magick family.
Then place your flowers near your candle. Be careful they do not catch fire. Always practice safety with candles. The flowers are a gift to your higher self. They will remind you daily how much you love yourself.
You can sit in front of this sacred space for further meditation. Otherwise you can leave and keep the candle safely lit. Make sure to check on your candle often and do not leave it lit without constant supervision. Extinguish the candle before bed.

Light your candle daily upon waking or in the evening. Light it consistently until the candle finishes. That could take up to 10 days.

Once your flowers and food items start to perish, toss. Always keep your sacred altar space fresh.
Let me know how it goes and tag me on Instagram, @esoteric_esa.
Remember your love for self is the greatest form of honor and respect you can receive.

May you manifest wisely.

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