5 Picante Recipes That Will Spice Up Your Pork

Raise your hand if you like pork. Raise two hands if you like spicy food. Well, it’s your lucky day; we have 5 pork recipes about to kick your meal preparation into high gear with spice and flavor. After all, winter is here, and it’s the perfect time of year to indulge in a hearty dish that warms you from the inside and fills you with culinary satisfaction.

A really good grilled pork tenderloin is hard to beat. But if simply grilled meat isn’t quite meeting your preferred spice level, then topping it off with this pickled jalapeño salsa should do the trick. The meat itself is marinated with jalapeño brine (the juice from the picked jalapeños), then you dress the cooked meat with the jalapeño salsa, so every inch and every bite of your pork has some spice and a ton of flavor. The actual cooking time isn’t too crazy, about 20-30 minutes total. The trick is to let the meat marinate for about 4 hours prior to cooking—that’s where all the flavor gets locked into your pork.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with pickled Jalapeño Salsa

Grilled tenderloin HipLatinaGrilled tenderloin HipLatina




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