Holiday Gift Guide for Spiritual Latinas from Latina-Owned Brands

The holiday season and end of year is the optimal time to take care of our spiritual well being

spiritual gift guide

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The holiday season and end of year is the optimal time to take care of our spiritual well being. Oftentimes we overlook giving self-care and healing modalities to ourselves or those we love. This year, give the gift of spiritual support to those closest to your heart chakra with our Spiritual Holiday Gift Guide for the modern spiritual latina in your life. All the products on this list are owned by spiritual Latinas and formed with you in mind. Are you thinking of tapping into your spirituality more in the coming year? The “I am… manifesting” journal from Sarah’s Tesoros is a great place to start. Planning a limpia for your house soon? Try the lavender medicine wands from The Flower Child Bruja. Read on to find more gifts to help and/or your loved ones on their spiritual journey.

I Am Manifesting… Journal


The act of manifestation requires planning and prepping. Thoughts create your reality and you can do so easily with the “I am Manifesting Everything I Deserve” journal from Sarah’s Tesoros. Whether it’s for your favorite Air sign in your life and that Virgo you know, here’s where they can put pen to paper and make it happen! This cosmic inspired journal features 20 positive affirmations, prompts and blank sheets for notes created by this Mexican American brand.

“I am Manifesting Everything I Deserve” journal, $13.99, at

Big Bruja Energy Bucket Hat


For the bruja in your life, you’re going to want to snag this swag on her behalf! Help your favorite witchy amiga protect her crown chakra with Brujas Botanica’s “Big Bruja Energy” bucket hat. Based out of Compton, California, this Latina-owned botanica is dedicated to helping all brujas embody their best self! Stock up on all your bruja gear this year as you head into 2022 divina y bendecida.

Big Bruja Energy Bucket Hat, $28.00, at

Astrology Lover Zodiac Candle


Candles are an important staple in various spiritual practices. Now combine Astrology magic with candle magic and you have yourself some potent brujeria ready to welcome 2022! House of Intuition’s “Astrology Lover Zodiac Candle” is perfect for the Astrology enthusiast amiga on your list. Help your galactic fanatic tap into the cosmos with this all purpose candle guaranteed to meet their needs. Another perk? House of Intuition is Queer Latinx-owned and based in Los Angeles, California. Support Queer business this holiday season.

Astrology Lover Zodiac Candle, $18.00, at

Lavender Medicine Wands


Help ethically sourced brand, The Flower Child Bruja, with sustaining ethical smudge bundles by avoiding purchasing non-ethical overused Palo Santo and Sage with these handmade Lavender bundles instead. These “Lavender Medicine Wands w/ Cowrie Shell” bundles include mugwort, and yerba santa from this Afro-Latina spiritual business. These are perfect for house gifts to help those you love do a deep house limpia before the new year.

Lavender Medicine Wands w/ Cowrie Shell, $11.11, at

“Homegirl You Are Magic” Tee


Behind every strong woman is a homegirl who is always hyping her up when she wins. Remind your spiritual homegirl how much magia she embodies with For My Homegirls’ “Homegirl, You Are Magic” tee. Spread the magic this season with this 100% cotton shirt guaranteed to be a staple in your homegirl’s magical wardrobe. Be her hood stylist with this nice reminder of an affirmation tee.

Homegirl, You Are Magic Tee, $32.00, at

Venus Steaming Herbal Blend


To this day, vaginal health and discussing the spiritual well being of people who bleed is taboo in Latinx culture. However, we all know when we get together with our mejor amigas we are raw, real and lovingly honest about our sexual health. Sexual health is part of our spiritual well being as women of color. Help your homegirls reclaim their sensuality and further embody their femininity with Girl Gang Steaming’s “Venus Steaming Herbal Blend.”

Venus Steaming Herbal Blend, $25.00, at

The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle® Deck


This independently curated oracle deck I created features 30 holographic Latinx Indigenous Spiritually inspired archetype cards. The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle Deck® pays homage to Aztec, Mayan, Incan, Afro-Latina and Jewish Latina spirituality. This is the perfect oracle deck for those who are looking to reconnect with their ancestral roots and embark on their shadow work journey.

The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle Deck®, $44.44, at

Gift of Breathing Virtual Session


Our breath is a huge part of how we cope with our everyday stressors and manage anxiety, and more. Breathwork is a technique that activates one’s intuitive guidance and empowers us through the technique of breath facilitated by a practitioner such as Ana Lilia who has been hosting breathwork healing circles for over six years. She’s been featured in The Los Angeles Times and focuses on helping the people of color community tap into their breath for healing. Book a session for your high functioning amiga or yourself with Ana!

Gift of Breathing Virtual Session, $250, at

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