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6 Amazing Subscription Boxes Latinx Kiddos Will Love

Subscription boxes continue to be popular among our generation, and who can blame us? What’s not to love about receiving a special treat in the mail every month? While these subscriptions run the gamut from beauty products (ahem, Ipsy) to video games (LootCrate), there’s also a major market for boxes targeting children. However, if part of your new year’s resolutions involves teaching your kiddos more about their cultura (I know I’m certainly working on it), then you might find this list of subscriptions to be a bit handier. Some will teach your bebes about latinx foods, while others will work on bringing them on board to being bilingual, and a few will expand their horizons in countless other ways.

Sol Book Box

One of the biggest challenges for many bilingual mamas raising kids in the States is ensuring they can pass on their dual language skills to their children. But when you live far from your Spanish-speaking familia, or if your partner is monolingual, it can be especially hard to teach your kids your mother tongue. Fortunately, Sol Book Box is here to help by sending your kiddos a thoughtfully chosen bilingual or Spanish-language book. Sol Book Box will get your chiquillos excited about reading and learning another language.


MexiCrate is a Mexican-themed subscription box that’s bound to be a hit with your family — that is if they happen to enjoy lots of yummy snacks. There are three versions of the box, depending on how much candy you think you and your kiddos can down in a month. Once you’ve subscribed, expect a box filled with goodies like dulce de cacahuate, PulparinDots, and even fresh conchas. No doubt your niños will look forward to this special package every month.

Little Passports

If you’re a parent, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Little Passports at some point. This popular subscription box takes kiddos on a monthly adventure to a new part of the world by way of books and activities. Each kiddo receives a “suitcase” for their first month along with a world map, luggage tag, and more, and then depending on their subscription will receive age-appropriate stickers, souvenirs, trading cards, toys and more related to the chosen theme. No doubt they’ll happen upon some Latin American countries on their monthly “adventures”, perfect for teaching them about where their familia is from.

Abuela Mami

For the Cubans in the bunch (or anyone who grew up in Miami), there’s Abuela Mami — a subscription box that will keep your Cuban coffee fix going while also presenting your family with traditional treats and goodies. Open the box with your child and teach them about Cuban cuisine and culture. Maria cookies, guava paste, merenguitos and more can be found in the boxes alongside other special items like a set of dominos, a Cuban flag, or other memorabilia. Plus you’ll be happy to have some colada on hand because we know kids suck up all your energy and thensome.

Little Feminist


While it isn’t exclusively for latinx kids, the Little Feminist subscription box has plenty to offer children of all backgrounds. By seeking out inclusive, feminist children’s books and pairing them with discussion questions, activities, and more, the Little Feminist box really takes young readers to another level. Expect a monthly, age-appropriate book (and additional goodies) featuring characters that are largely missing from general children’s lit: girls and people of color, including latinxs.

Kiwi Crate

According to Pew Research, hispanics and/or latinxs only comprise about 6% of current STEM workforce. How do we improve our representation? By getting our little ones interested in the STEM fields from a young age. Opt for a subscription to Kiwi Co’s variety of age-appropriate crates (from the Tadpole Crate for 0-36 months, to the Kiwi Crate for 5-8 year olds, and the Tinker Crate for kiddos aged 9 and up), and open your lil’ latinxs to enjoying and learning about math, science, technology, and engineering.