6 Fashionable Hats That Will Protect You From the Sun This Summer

The heat is rising, and I don’t just mean politically

Photo: Unsplash/@iniguez

Photo: Unsplash/@iniguez

The heat is rising, and I don’t just mean politically. Even though we’re halfway through the summer, you should still be considering the many ways to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Maybe you’ve got your SPF protocol take care of, but rocking a fashionable, yet sun-protecting hat is also a wise (and chic) option. Here are six styles you can choose from.

The Straw Boater Hat

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Photo: Asos.com

One of the hottest hats of the summer season spotted on many bloggers has been the Straw Boater Hat. The hat, worn by men (and some women) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is experiencing a bit of a resurgence and for good reason – it’s so cute and really pairs nicely with just about any outfit. South Beach Straw Boater Hat with Color Block Band, Asos, $19.00


The Floppy Hat

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Photo: Asos.com

You can’t think of summer without thinking of the big floppy hat. This year it’s gotten a makeover; you almost can’t find the floppy hat without some catchy slogan and we’re loving it! There are even stores where you can customize your hat to whatever you please. ASOS ‘Chase the Sun’ Straw Oversized Floppy Hat, Asos, $29.00


The Baseball Hat With a Powerful Twist

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Photo: Somaratx.com

Lately there have been a rush of t-shirts and hats bearing messages of female empowerment and this one is for the Latinas, appropriately labeled femme fuerte. Who is behind the hat? A clothing company out of Austin Texas. They describe themselves as “[A] Xicanx online shop! Embracing nuestra cultura & celebrating our diversity!” Femme Fuerte Cap, Somaratx.com, $26.00

wp_*postsThe Trucker Hat

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Photo: AviationNation.com

When all else fails the trucker hat is a go-to for the lifestyle adventurer in you. Aviator Nation has a hat perfect for those “California Lovers” or surfer chic fans. Cali Is for Lovers Trucker Hat, AviatorNation.com, $45.00

wp_*postsThe Panama Hat

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Photo: SoleSociety.com

Despite its name, Panama hats originated in Ecuador, not Panama, and have a rich history. These days however, the hats are known more for their fashionable aesthetic than their place in history. The name has also come to symbolize the style, and not necessarily the straw it was originally made with since materials in these hats vary. Sole Society Straw Panama Hat, SoleSociety.com, $25.00


The Bold and the Beautiful Hat

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Photo: SanDiegoHat.com

Then of course there is a colorful statement piece, that is bound to get everyone’s attention. This hat by the San Diego Hat Co. is a showstopper, part printed geo-fun, part party with pom-poms and tassels. It has a similar shape to the straw boater hat, but it really is in a league all of it’s own. Women’s Mixed Woven Paper with Pom Tassel Trim, San Diego Hat Co., $72.00

Happy shopping!

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