Your Weekly Tarotscope for November 24 – November 30, 2019 Revealed

Theme of the Week: 9 of Pentacles Finally, Mercury Retrograde is behind us and we can begin moving forward again! Your status is growing



Theme of the Week: 9 of Pentacles

Finally, Mercury Retrograde is behind us and we can begin moving forward again! Your status is growing. Let friends and acquaintances help you along the way — if assistance is offered. Do not let your pride intervene this week, as it will do you a major disservice. You are the one who has brought yourself to this place, so be proud of your accomplishments thus far. There are many more to come. Although you feel like you can finally begin to stand tall and pat yourself on the back, it has been said it is lonely at the top. But you don’t have to be lonely. Just stay conscious that you keep those you cherish close and accept their support. They want to feel important to you and seen by you — especially now.


Tarotscope Sagittarius HipLatina


Your Card: 6 of Swords

You’re making do with what you have now, Sag. It is by no means perfect, but with some tenacity, you can get there. You are on your way to greener pastures, but it ain’t gonna be easy! Use what you have right now. Do what you know. If you’re searching for the answers, understand that without movement and action, the answers don’t really matter. You’ve got to walk it like you talk it. This may seem a bit daunting at first, but once you get into the rhythm and flow, you’ll begin to glide forward with much more ease. Think about the things you love. The things you know and are good at. What makes you happy? What doesn’t feel like tedious work? Take what’s important and figure out how to move forward with it.



Your Card: 10 of Wands

Why are you holding on to all this baggage, Cap? There’s just so much of it! And it is so heavy. It’s really slowing you down and being quite a hindrance to your journey. You really do not need any of this extra luggage. Put it down and set yourself free. You won’t be losing anything. But you will get to where you’re trying to go a lot faster and easier. You are only hurting yourself right now. You have been carrying this weight for so long, it’s become second nature. No more. Stop and give yourself a break if letting go all at once seems too scary. Test the waters and see how it feels. You may be shocked at how free and wonderful life can be.



Your Card: Queen of Cups

Angels are watching over you, Aquarius. They are here to help and guide you, all you ever have to do is ask. You have a strong, deep emotional connection with someone and things are getting tough. But what is making this the hardest on you is your own thoughts and expectations. You need to stop anticipating the future or ruminating on the past. You will never be able to guess the outcome of life or the kind of journey you had to go on to reach your next chapter, so stop worrying or feeling guilty. I’m hearing for some of you, this may have to do with the passing of someone, or some type of major separation. Honor them in your thoughts, but do not let them be an anchor. That is not their purpose. It is okay to feel happiness amidst challenging times. You must continue on with what is in your best interest.



Your Card: Ace of Pentacles

As an orchid reblooms slowly and in its own time, just when you think it’s at its end, so now are you, dear Pisces. A refreshing and revitalizing moment of opportunity has made itself known and you may not be able to see it yet, but this is a gift and a blessing. It has the power to give new life to your world. When the door of opportunity opens, you walk through it. Do not be deceived or distracted by what surrounds it. Do not judge a book by its cover here. There is a beautiful, new day before you. One which you cannot anticipate or visualize how it will unfold. I’m hearing some of you may discover a pregnancy or the budding of a new project. This is the beginning of a long, beautiful, new journey. It will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.



Your Card: The Star

You are pouring all of your efforts into the hope and belief that you will receive abundance in return. Know that you are being divinely guided, and everything that is happening (albeit slowly) has its place and purpose in order to align you with what is to be yours. Lao Tzu said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” See this time as you’ve planted the seed and now, although you can’t see if anything is happening, you must continue to tend the soil. Eventually, you will see a tiny sprout and it will get taller and bigger until it grows into something even more beautiful than you anticipated. You are in the teeny sprout stage, Aries. Much is happening beneath the surface, just trust, keep putting in an effort, and give it time.



Your Card: Knight of Pentacles

Despite having more to give, you have hit a wall, Taurus. If you decide to move forward, it will be extremely slowly and carefully, assessing every move. Sometimes, this is the smartest thing to do, but sometimes it is also quite unnecessary. Is that really how you want to continue? Always walking on eggshells and without any real security? The only thing you can be one hundred percent sure of right now is yourself. Bet on yourself and you’ll never lose. I can see you are so guarded and hesitant right now. It just doesn’t feel like a good place to be in. You have two choices. Stay here, holding on to dreams of growth, or create them yourself. Be mindful to encourage growth in the right places, with the right people. You don’t want to create a monster that you will need to suit up with even more armor to protect yourself from. Try to avoid going in circles. Imagining potential and pliability in something outside of your control is how you got here.


Gemini Tarotscope HipLatina


Your Card: 3 of Cups

Teamwork makes the dream work, Gem! Collaborate and celebrate. This should be a seriously fun week for you because you get to do all of your favorite things. You will have a quite successful experience working with others towards your goals. This should feel really good and right in your heart space. There may be some creative differences later on, but try to enjoy the process in the meantime and work all the kinks out later. This shouldn’t feel like something you have to be very careful in. It should feel more like a release. The way dance and all of the arts allow freedom of expression in the grandest way possible. Let yourself be free and open. Find inspiration in other types of art forms. It can open a new entry point for the imagination. A lot can be found there for you. There is someone who may have their own ulterior motives, so just keep an extra eye out for that. They could be hiding something from you and whoever else you are partnering with now. But, overall, this should be a really carefree and pleasurable time!


Cancer Tarotscope HIpLatina


Your Card: 10 of Swords

You are doing some intense overthinking, Cancer. What is, what should be, what could be — you are exhausting yourself with all the possibilities. This isn’t the worst problem to have, so don’t let it beat you down to the point where you feel like giving up completely. This overwhelming feeling is only temporary, and you are right at the tail end of it. Soon, you will have a direction. Even if you aren’t totally sure, you’ll be brave enough to try. That’s all you really need to do. There is nothing tying you to one option right now, so don’t pigeonhole yourself. If one thing doesn’t work, move on to the next, and the next. The beauty is you have so much opportunity before you. It is just a matter of prioritizing. Although you may not know how to do that as of just yet, trust the universe to sort it for you long enough to make a confident, educated, and directed decision.



Your Card: 7 of Cups

You’ve got big dreams, Leo. Dreams of the emotional variety. That isn’t to say your goals are exclusively about love, but rather about all the things that make your heart go pitter-patter. You are realizing what truly makes life worth living for you. What makes you feel fulfilled and complete may not have been what you were previously chasing. Something has changed and reignited the flames of desire. It is very possible to achieve your dreams, but don’t expect them to be handed to you on a silver platter. Only those that have already been set in motion and you’ve done the work for will seem to transpire as if out of thin air now. But the reality is, you have put in the necessary effort for them. Keep reaching and keep working. The world is yours if you have the courage to grab it.



Your Card: 2 of Pentacles

You are playing the same dance over and over again in your head, Virgo. You know you can’t change what has already happened but in this reprise, you’re looking for the answer. You may not be able to change the past, but you can manipulate the future. The only question now is if that is what you truly want to do. You keep going back and forth with a “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” scenario. Talking with those you trust and admire could bring some much-needed perspective to the situation but in the end, regardless of what they say, it is your life and your call. There are times it can seem as if nothing makes sense, yet you do whatever it is anyway because the feeling is just that strong. If this is one of those times, hold on tight and don’t let go. You will get your second chance.



Your Card: 8 of Wands

You are all nestled, cozy, and pleased watching the chaos from afar. How lucky you are to be away from the hustle and bustle now, Libra. Watch out for some possible future FOMO. While you are enjoying being in a place of peace and tranquility, your innate lust for excitement and adventure could come creeping in and tempting you to dip into the drama pool, if even for just a moment. A word to the wise here: Once you’re in, it will be very difficult to get out. You are better off seeking stimulation elsewhere and as far away from a situation that could end up roping you in and effecting you more personally. Keep your distance and don’t let anyone play games with you or try to bait you with playing the role of peacemaker in this instance. You aren’t needed to settle this, and frankly, nor is it your place. It will eventually all blow over, but until it does, just mind your business and observe from afar.



Your Card: The Hanged Man

I see you latched and hanging on to something that isn’t ideal, but you think or believe that either this time will pass and things will get better, or you are working out how to deal with circumstances in your head. I’m seeing the number four connected to your situation. That could be a date, length of time, or something else in relation. This is a major theme in your life regardless of how long it has been going on. It is a big deal. Something needs to give, in order to get out of this funk, though Scorpio. Change needs to be implemented, otherwise, you will continue to feel stuck in limbo. You must sacrifice one way of thinking for a new way. That is your key. Change your perspective. Shift your mindset. And do it ASAP.

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