Tarotscopes January 2019

Your Weekly Tarotscope for January 13- Jan 19, 2019 Revealed

Tarotscopes January 2019

Theme of the Week: 5 of Wands

Some things may have been rehashed or been brought back to the surface recently, and now we have to deal with them. What we want to do is handle this assertively, but not aggressively. We’re looking to achieve the best possible outcome for ourselves, here. Handle with care, but definitely stand your ground. There is no point in pretending to make a compromise when you’ve already decided where you’re going.


Capricorn HIpLatina TarotScope

Your Card: 8 of Swords

You made some strategic moves, Cap, and now you find yourself in a bit of a bind. You’re not able to see the forest through the trees at this time. Contemplating the repercussions for your actions will worry and eventually, completely exhaust you. Stay focused on finding a solution, rather than ruminating on the problem. This could make all the difference.



Your Card: 6 of Cups

Though a recent loss has been upsetting, to say the least, you are now trying to find the good and the positive in your situation. This is the best thing that you can do right now, Aquarius, and will lead to more dreamy aspirations. You might even find yourself becoming eager to walk through all these new open doors!


Tarotscope HIpLatina Pieces

Your Card: 5 of Swords

Congratulations, Pisces, you’ve succeeded in maintaining your peace and sense of self, against all odds. Whoever has been a source of disruption in your life, is now backing down and you will soon be able to move on to greener pastures. Commit what you have applied in this situation to memory, as it is akin to the shining North Star. It will always guide you home.



Your Card: 6 of Pentacles

Bills, bills, bills … Sometimes it’s hard not to wonder what it would be like if we just had a sugar daddy to take care of all those pesky debts. In life, you choose your sacrifices. While one person may decide to live without having to worry about their bills, they may be sacrificing something that you would never compromise. On the flip side, that person would never sacrifice their financial security. It all comes down to priorities. You’ve been working hard to put bread on the table, Aries, and while you’ve made a lot of headway, there is still a bit of patience needed before you harvest all those seeds you’ve been planting. Don’t stop hustling. You will reap the rewards for your efforts. Just a little while longer!



Your Card: Queen of Pentacles

Taurus, you’re pretty sure you know what you want, you just haven’t quite gotten there yet. This week you’ll be scheming and trying to nurture your situation into something tangible. The difference between the past, present, and future for you right now is that you went from being stuck to moving onto a passive approach in order to materialize your ultimate goal. You’re on the right track, but as it stands, this is a slow-moving process.



Your Card: The Moon

Gemini, you’ve been pouring yourself into a hope, dream, something you’ve been looking forward to for a while. Now, the path is starting to come clear. It may be a little hazy, but the more you immerse yourself, the further you can see. Optimism lies ahead. In fact, soon it will be all about you — just how you like it.



Your Card: The Lovers

The Lovers HIpLatina Tarotscope

You’ve been trying to stay extra-conscious of your movements, Cancer. You’ve been putting in the work and maintaining morale in your personal kingdom. Whether this is inner work, spiritual or other, it has come the time for you to make a choice. Whatever path you decide to continue on will move fast and furious from here on out. Consider your options wisely — this is a long-term commitment.


Leo Tarotscope HipLatina

Your Card: The World

Leo, you’ve had an awakening! Hallelujah! Now, you’re trying to get it together so you can move on to a fresh start and finally take that big leap. This is an exciting time for you, but one you must also take seriously for best results. You must integrate all the various areas of your life into one, well-oiled machine. So keep in mind, for the whole thing to run optimally, every separate part must be properly functioning. Teamwork is the key for many of you.


Virgo Tarotscope HipLatina

Your Card: The Empress

Being tight-lipped has brought you to a station of comfort and ease. Although you are cozy in this place, it seems you aren’t feeling totally satisfied. You might gain the upper hand by not speaking up — as the old saying goes, “Loose lips, sink ships.” But, if you continue to be passive, eventually your choices will be made for you and you’ll realize you might never have been in control at all.



Your Card: 10 of Wands

Libra, once all the difficulty is over, you are in for an inspiring new chapter. You’ve made the decision to stay strong and trudge forward. This week is that last mile in the race. It’s never easy to push through, but you’ve got this and you will come out stronger for it. A little sweat never hurt anybody!



Your Card: King of Cups

Scorpio, this week you’re just trying to keep your cool. You might wish you didn’t GAF, but you do. You really do. Deep down, the emotions are swirling and twirling, but on the surface, all everyone else sees is your trusty ‘ol RBF. Try to tame the wolf inside so you don’t lose your mind. Get yourself to a yoga class and sweat it out, or practice some creative expression. If you try to suppress these intense emotions they will emerge in other ways — like wreaking havoc on your health.


Tarotscope Sagittarius HipLatina

Your Card: The Sun

The clouds have lifted, and it is a bright new day for you, Sag! Everything is coming to light and you can finally move forward with confidence in not only your venture but yourself. Understanding your journey is imminent, and once you do you, breathe a sigh of relief. You are in a wonderful place now. Think happy thoughts and revel in them.

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